Zwift launches futuristic New York world

Central Park gets skyways and hover taxis in latest Zwift revamp

Zwift has been trailing its New York world for months now, and the good news – if you're into the whole Zwift thing – is that it's now live. And it's not like the New York you know: this is the New York of the future!

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It's based in Central Park, but future Central Park is a bit different. The yellow cabs fly, for a start, and the horses and carriages have been replaced with hovering robots. The hot dog stands are still there though. The main addition in riding terms is a network of skyways: Central Park isn't flat but it doesn't have any major elevation changes, and the skyway concept has allowed Zwift to get some decently-sized climbs into the world without leaving the confines of the park. We'd expect the world to expand further into the city with future expansions though.

“Whether you’re a World Tour Pro rider or a newbie cyclist, our New York world is going to blow you away” said Zwift’s Co-Founder and CEO, Eric Min of the new addition. “The escapism of our New York world will transport Zwifters back to their video gaming days as they ride our futuristic take on New York, around Central Park and on the suspended glass roads above Manhattan.”

We managed to get a sneak peek yesterday and sent Dave round the skyways to see what he thought, so have a look at the video at the top to get a taste for the new courses.

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