Spanish actor releases truly shocking video of French motorist smashing into him and another cyclist from behind… amazingly they weren't seriously hurt

Dani Rovira, who was taking part in charity challenge, was somehow back on his bike the following day

Spanish comedian and actor Dani Rovira has released footage of a horrifying incident when he and another cyclist were struck from behind at speed by a French motorist. El Pais reports that the incident occurred in France two years ago and that both Rovira and the other cyclist, Martín Giacchetta, somehow got back on their bikes the following day.

Rovira, who starred in the hugely popular Ocho Apellidos Vascos (Eight Basque Surnames), was riding from Barcelona to Rome with Giacchetta, an Argentine celebrity trainer, and firefighter Germán Torres.

The men were riding to raise awareness of Rett syndrome, a genetic brain disorder which can affect 6-18-month-old girls.

The footage was being shot by a colleague from a car as part of a documentary about their efforts. As you can see, the two men were completely oblivious that a car was about to hit them.

Almost miraculously, the two men were able to remount their bikes the following day – although Rovira understandably admits to having been afraid to do so.

Footage published on ABC shows the aftermath of the collision where the driver explains to Giacchetta that he was rummaging around for his phone on the floor of the vehicle and lost control.

Rovira’s lawyer said that a claim had been filed with authorities.

“We were lucky, but there are a lot of families that are left devastated by someone getting distracted,” said Rovira.

“He easily could’ve killed three people. No one understands why we weren’t hurt worse,” said Giacchetta.

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