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Jeremy Clarkson claims cyclists responsible for London trees getting cut down ... and gets schooled

Grand Tour presenter, who cycles in Holland Park area of West London, opposes safe cycle route

Ah, Jeremy, Jeremy, Jeremy. That’s Clarkson, not Corbyn. Britain’s leading motormouth has gone full throttle against cyclists again, claiming we are responsible for all the trees getting cut down in London.

Today, the Grand Tour presenter, said on Twitter: “They’re going to take down all the trees to make life easier for cyclists. I mean, who voted for these people? Why.”

He was referring to rumours that trees will be felled on a planned cycleway through Holland Park Avenue. A petition on claims – and we are trying to get our heads around this – that “Transport for London will be putting cyclists lives at risk to introduce a new cycle lane in this traffic-heavy area, chopping down trees to accommodate it.”

Anyone who regularly rides that route in from Acton and Shepherds Bush towards the centre will tell you it is the nastiest part of the ride, with drivers parking up at the shops opening doors in their path, and pinch points giving little room to squeeze past buses, coaches and other large vehicles.

And Clarkson should know this; he lives in the area, and despite his on-screen persona, rides a bike round there – as he did the day he was doorstepped as news broke that he had been sacked from BBC’s Top Gear Show (see the picture above).

Clarkson was swiftly schooled on the actual situation; no trees will be cut down as part of this planned, and much-needed, safe route for cyclists.

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harrybav | 5 years ago
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This website is the only place I see or read about JC. If me receiving this irritating news is the problem, are you guys part-responsible? Does it matter what the actor playing JC writes, if you don't then pass it from him to me? 

FluffyKittenofT... replied to harrybav | 5 years ago
vbvb wrote:

This website is the only place I see or read about JC. If me receiving this irritating news is the problem, are you guys part-responsible? Does it matter what the actor playing JC writes, if you don't then pass it from him to me? 


Well he has quite a few followers on Twitter.  His fans are going to be influenced and stirred-up by him whether you hear about it or not.

I don't really get the ostrich approach to things like this.  Sticking your fingers in your ears won't help if and when you encounter those who believe his crap on the road, or when they go into the ballot box.

Simon E | 5 years ago

Clarification from Will Norman on twitter:


So much #fakenews about Holland Park Ave. WE ARE NOT REMOVING ALL THE TREES. 2 big trees, neither in a good condition, are proposed to be taken out, along with a small number of small trees at Notting Hill Gate. WE'LL PLANT MORE NEW TREES IN THE AREA THAN WE TAKE OUT.

As always, Clarkson is just desperate for attention.

hawkinspeter | 5 years ago

Won't someone think of the squirrels?


brooksby | 5 years ago

It's a good job that they never cut trees down when they're building new roads! Just imagine how cross Jeremy would be...

burtthebike | 5 years ago

Is the poor old has-been missing the publicity so badly that he has to try and stir things up quite so pathetically.  Or is this timed to reduce Green votes for the EU elections tomorrow.

Whatever.  Fortunately, most of the media is ignoring the poor old codger.

handlebarcam | 5 years ago

Keep the trees, build the bike lanes, ban the cars. That should satisfy Clarkson, famous lover and protector of trees that he is.

Capt Sisko | 5 years ago

I don't remember Clarkson and his Top Gear mates praising Swamy or defending the trees when the Newbury Bypass was built (and many other car encouraging bypasses since), all of which involve chopping down hundreds, if not thousands of trees.

grumpyoldcyclist | 5 years ago

Clarkson and others don't usually bother with facts or the truth if made up rubbish gets them more publicity. 

Also he is an ex Grand Tour presenter....

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