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Pass the mindbleach please.

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21/08/2019, 18:04

New bike insurance price comparison service launches

Insurance price comparison provider Quotezone.co.uk has launched a new price comparison service for bike insurance.

Wheel from stolen bike © Simon MacMichael.JPG

The company says that the service aggregates quotes from a range of bicycle insurance specialists and displays them online, enabling users to quickly compare not just prices but also policy features.

The companies founder, Greg Wilson, said: "At Quotezone.co.uk we understand that a cyclist's bicycle is much more than a basic mode of transport… they are often very valuable vehicles in their own right, with many of them worth thousands of pounds and some even valued at £10,000 or more.

"In addition, cyclists do run the risk of suffering a third-party liability claim at some stage, which they would have to cover themselves if they were uninsured.

"Of course, just because insuring your bicycle is a wise decision doesn't mean you should pay over the odds for that insurance policy. That's why we're launching this new price comparison service, to help cyclists find the right policy at the right price by comparing quotes from a range of providers."

You can find the service here.

21/08/2019, 17:33

Wedding Present and Milltag offer Bizarro cycling jersey

Wedding Present Bizarro cycling jersey

What's that you say, you're in the market for a cycling jersey celebrating the second studio album of a jingly-jangly Leeds-based indie outfit from the 1980s that's still going strong (in a much-modified form) today?

You jammy devil, The Wedding Present have teamed up with Milltag to offer a jersey (in both men's and women's cuts) that suits your requirements. It'll cost you 80 quid. This year marks the 30th anniversary of the release of Bizarro.

They first did a Bizarro jersey back in 2012 and it's available to pre-order until 8th September. We might never have this chance again.

Get more details here.

Milltag did a jersey with Carter The Unstoppable Sex Machine back in 2014, by the way. 

21/08/2019, 17:19

Copehagen's new cycle and walking bridge is stunning

Copenhagen is a world-leader when it comes to cycling infrastructure, and the latest addition to its portfolio is stunning – the 160-metre Lille Langebro cycle and pedestrian bridge which spans the city’s Inner Harbour.

Lille Langebro bridge in Copenhagen (picture credit WilkinsonEyre)

Designed by London-based architects WilkinsonEyre, its part of an ongoing regeneration of the Danish capital’s harbour and the central section swings through 90 degrees to let ships through.

The footway of the bridge is 3 metres in width, while the two-way cycle path is 4-metres across.

“We are delighted to have worked with Realdania to design a distinctive new bridge for the people of Copenhagen that will improve the urban spaces and promenades along the waterfront and strengthen the cycling culture in the city while also being safe and accessible to everyone,” commented Simon Roberts, associate director at WilkinsonEyre.

You can find more photos of it here.

21/08/2019, 15:49

Police Scotland have held another close pass operation - this time in Stirling

21/08/2019, 15:40

Herne Hill Velodrome stalwart Jeff Avis has passed away

21/08/2019, 13:30

Worth riding all that way for.

Now that we've seen the official Paris-Brest-Paris patisserie, we really want one. Handily for the finishers, they get one once they've crossed the line.

Well earned!

21/08/2019, 13:23

NYC man jailed for using bike as weapon

A New York City has been jailed for up to five years for using his bicycle as a weapon after he hit another man in the face with it in June last year, with the victim suffering swelling and pain.

Henry DeGroat, aged 21 and from New Brighton on Staten Island, pleaded guilty in court to third-degree criminal weapon possession in relation to the incident in June last year, reports SI Live.

DeGroat, who has a previous conviction after an Italian tourist was shot after apparently getting caught in crossfire, was sentenced to 30 months to five years in prison following the latest case.

We’ve seen a number of cases from both the UK and the US over the years in which a cyclist has been the target of a motorist using their vehicle as a weapon – including this case in which a bus driver in Bristol was jailed for 17 months for deliberately knocking a cyclist from his bike.

Given the greater potential for causing harm when using a motor vehicle, rather than a bicycle, as a weapon, DeGroat’s punishment does seem disproportionate compared to the sentences we see motorists receive in such cases.

21/08/2019, 09:56

The Beyonce Bianchi (that's actually a Merckx)

There's so much going on here.

All of your best puns in the comments below, please...

"If you like it then you shoulda put a big ring on it"

"I can see your Halo wheels"

21/08/2019, 09:51

Dave takes a look at the new Cervelo Aspero Gravel Bike


21/08/2019, 09:46

Lapierre to launch disc version of Aircode aero road bike

It looks like French brand Lapierre will add a disc version of the Aircode aero road bike to its range in 2020. The latest update to the UCI's List of Approved Models of Frames and Forks contains the Aircode Disque.

The Aircode has been in Lapierre's range for several years, the second generation having been approved by the UCI in 2017. A new rim brake model has not been added to the list so it could be that Lapierre is simply bringing its range up to date with the addition of disc brakes to the current rim brake design (pictured below) rather than making wholesale changes.

Lapierre Aircode SL 900 Ultimate - riding 3.jpg

Read our review of the existing rim brake Lapierre Aircode SL 900 Ultimate 

21/08/2019, 07:01

Gravel riding, it's been around since the 70's, you know...

Turns out that gravel riding isn't such a new thing. Here's a typical Welsh club run from back in the day! No such thing as 650b back then...

21/08/2019, 06:57

I'd like to try that one, and that one, and errr...that one....

We're not entirely sure if this is actually the official cake of the Paris-Brest-Paris, but damn that cake looks tasty!


An update from our French patisserie correspondent. The name of the pastry is indeed a Paris-Brest, and it was created by the patissier Louis  Durand in 1910 at the request of the event's founder, Pierre Giffard - so that's as official as you can get. 

Now sold at patisseries throughout France, the shape is inspired by that of a bicycle wheel, and the energy boost it gives meant it quickly became popular with participants in Paris-Brest-Paris.

21/08/2019, 06:49

Trolling level - 100%

Oh, the joys of social media and its 'influencers'...

A few weeks ago an Instagram influencer had a 'motorbike crash' and if that doesn't scream 'photoshoot opportunity' then we don't know what does.

American pro cyclocross rider, Ellen Noble, has done some truly excellent trolling here.

21/08/2019, 06:44

Pidcock out of l'Avenir after nasty crash

The crash comes at a bad time for the British rider with the World Championships in his native Yorkshire just a month away.

Here's hoping for a speedy recovery.

Son of a Marathon runner, Nephew of a National 24hr Champion, the racing genetics have completely passed him by. Liam spends his time plodding his way through cyclocross races, very busy not winning. As an advocate for perfectly clean chains, he can be found cleaning his bike instead of training. A shop mechanic, Liam has many helpful skills, such as being able to identify 'cross tubs by the tread pattern alone. If you bump into him, he'll probably be eating.