B&Q adopts a freestyle approach to bike assembly

B&Q go for radical aero set up on kids' bicycle shaped object...

Kids these days, hey? Not even dispensed with the stabilisers and already trying to gain a competitive advantage.

At least if this little number's backward facing forks with their aerodynamically-concealed, wind-cheating brakes are anything to go by. Or could it be that B&Q don’t know how to assemble the kiddie bikes they sell? Hmm…

Always one to stop and look at a shiny bike and at a bit of a loose end now the sportive season is over David Else spotted this incorrectly-built bike at the home, garden and bicycle-shaped-object supplier’s Chippenham outlet.

We’ve sent a pic of the creatively assembled machine to B&Q’s PR agency so expect a statement about their training policy for BSO assemblers along any minute.*

Meantime we’ve talked about bicycle shaped objects before on

And there was a conversation here last year, following the BBC Watchdog programme focussing on ‘flat-packed’ bikes.

*And here it is!:

‘Thanks for bringing this matter to our attention and enabling us to put our display right. Safety within our stores is a priority and we strive to ensure the highest standards. We would like to assure you that our colleagues at Chippenham are experienced in assembly and display and that this was an isolated incident, which I am pleased we have now been able to put right.’



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