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Pendleton finds the cure for 'helmet hair'*

* Not really

Proctor & Gamble the international washing powder-to-baby-nappies giant has released the latest of its announcements about the Olympic athletes sponsored as 'brand ambassadors' for the forthcoming festivities in July. Yes, it's Pantene hair care products and a bevy of beauties with suspiciously sleek hair including our own dear Victoria Pendleton.

If you remember our recent post on Proctor & Gamble's sponsorship of Olympic athletes you'll also remember that Sir Chris Hoy is promoting Gillette and Sir Mark Cavendish (not yet! - Ed) is brand ambassador for Head & Shoulders shampoo.

According to Marketing, this is the first time Pantene has used athletes as ambassadors and will include "six Olympic gold medallists, many world champions and top-ranking women in swimming, tennis, gymnastics, cycling, diving and volleyball."

There are other athletes involved, of course, with other P&G brands. Paula Radcliffe gets Pampers. Really.

Anyway, the posters featuring the third - or we would say the first - of the cycling triumvirate Victoria Pendleton are now out in the wild and very nice they are, too.

Cycling women all over the country will be looking at that hair and thinking, "Mm, yes, that's exactly how my hair looks when I've taken off my cycling helmet."

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