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Sneak peek: all new Vulpine bike clothing coming in Spring

Detail pics of roads-to-trails-to-streets cycling kit

The Vulpine brand will launch on March 14th 2012 consisting of five garments designed according to founder Nick Hussey out of "frustration that cycling clothing has been stuck in a Lycra-warp for 30 years."

Vulpine meaning from Latin 'like a fox' is something he's worked on for years, feeling like many a club cyclist that the sport has its attractions - he rode with the legendary Kirkby Cycling Club while at university - but the clothing isn't one of them.

Says Hussey, "We've taken the performance characteristics of high-end sportswear and applied them to a world where lycra won't advance you in the complicated social strata of modern life....a pub lunch off the muddy trail, a pint after work with mates, or a hot date with a suddenly-requited love. Clothing must work for us on the bike, but why not work off it?"

"So we created Vulpine," he continues, apparently "with some help from some of Britain's most highly regarded creative talent." They're fettling the launch and website now - March 14th isn't far away - which is where these detail pics come from as they nervously try and anticipate everything that can go wrong in a brand-new startup. They'll be shipping from a warehouse near Box Hill in London's leafy Surrey suburbs.

Not so nervous that Nick can't make his pitch, though: "Highest quality technical fabrics, perfect stitching, bang-on trims, combined with classic British athletic design. There's ample use of stuff like odourless wicking 100% merino wool, Epic Cotton - that's waterproof and breathable, but casual - slim aero cuts and clever features that help the rider go about their day in comfort and style."




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