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Pendleton's bikes to get another boost from BBC show?

New Call The Midwife series needs extras on retro bikes

For those of you who loved the first series, you’ll be delighted that there’s a second series of the BBC's Call The Midwife. If you’re Victoria Pendleton, you’ll be even happier.

Why’s that then? Well, the first series was credited with making a runaway success of the range of bikes that she designed with Halfords.

We wrote about it here - viewers couldn’t get enough of the stylish ladies hopping on and off their step-through, basket on the front steeds, and went out and bought one of Pendleton’s pretty bikes.

The range can be seen here - they’re simple, beginner-friendly machines at beginner-friendly prices and they do look very nice for noodling around town.

Meanwhile, if you are the owner of a period bike, there’s the chance to be a paid extra in the next series of Call The Midwife.

If you own a bike that would have been in use around 1957, and you’d like to be one of 30 dock workers cycling home from work (men only, unfortunately), and you’d like £75 for a day’s work in Chatham, Kent, email assistant director Mark Turner at markturner20 [at]

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