Global Organisation of Cycling Equipment Manufacturers formed

Cycling equipment industry to work with UCI

The cycling equipment industry has announced the formation of the Global Organisation of Cycling Equipment Manufacturers (GOCEM) with the objective of providing a unified voice for the cycling industry.

GOCEM’s long-term goal is to pursue a collaborative and consultative approach with the international cycling federation - the Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI) - for the creation, implementation and enforcement of UCI rules, as they have a direct impact on the financial viability of equipment manufacturers.

Co-founder of Cervelo and one of the coordinators of the GOCEM group Phil White said: “Cycling Equipment manufacturers represent the largest and most influential contributors to both the cycling industry and professional cycling.

“Providing approximately 100 million Euros annually in sponsorship, product and support, manufacturers have the greatest investment and a vested interest in the success and growth of the sport.”

GOCEM has attracted universal support from the international community of cycling equipment manufacturers and the company was formed as a coalition of manufacturers who are affected by the UCI’s interpretation of its Rules and Regulations. Initially it will consist of manufacturers who supply equipment to ProTour and Continental Pro/Wildcard teams.

When cycling teams select equipment for their riders, they are subject to the rules and regulations promulgated by the UCI. In January the UCI informed teams that they would start to enforce its “3:1 rule” on all parts and components, not just the frame tubes as it had previously.

This interpretation caught manufacturers unaware,and the concern was that the strict and immediate enforcement of the “3:1 rule” could potentially cause significant financial hardship on manufacturers and teams, especially in this extremely poor economic climate.

However GOCEMs long-term goal is to create greater stability and professionalism in all aspects of the sport.

At this time it is not possible for the UCI to obtain a comprehensive opinion or full input from manufacturers since no formal line of communication exists and until now, there has been no formal mechanism for manufacturer interaction with the UCI.

The UCI, through M. Philippe Chevallier (Manager, UCI Road Department), has expressed both its support for a single manufacturer’s association and a willingness to work with such an organization.


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