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Driving instructors given cycle training in Plymouth

Scheme aims to give learner drivers more awareness of dangers for cyclists

Cyclists in Plymouth has offered safety lessons to driving instructors, in the hope that they will pass on the lessons to learner drivers and other instructors.

The Plymouth Cycling Campaign contacted their local Association of Driving Instructors for interactive training around bicycles, to help the drivers see how vulnerable the cyclists were.

The idea came from members, who felt that new drivers were not always aware of the dangers facing cyclists, and that the people best placed to remedy this situation were driving instructors.

Stuart Mee, chairman of the Plymouth Cycling Campaign, told This is Plymouth: "We were pleased the APDI appreciated the part it could play in raising awareness of how vulnerable cyclists are.

"In accidents involving vehicles the cyclist will always come off worst, sadly sometimes with fatal results.

"I hope the 'Give Cyclists Space' campaign will help motorists to be more considerate towards cyclists.

"All cyclists should remember that good road manners on their part will help to promote a positive image of cycling.

"As we all have the right to use the public highway we must all behave responsibly and considerately."

Larry Girling, APDI chairman in the South West said that the lessons were a great success.

Since the course, cyclists have been invited to sit alongside driving instructors to see the road from their persepctive.

He said: "We share a passionate interest in road safety and in teaching our new driver students the importance, and the responsibility they have, in sharing the roads with all other road users.

"Some of our members volunteered to undertake the cycling instruction and the experience gained will be shared so that everyone learns the importance of giving each other space."

In addition to the classes, the Plymouth Cycling Campaign is asking the City Council to add the words 'Give Cyclists Space' to the flashing variable speed signs in the city.


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rowes | 11 years ago

Nice to see something pro-active.
Good to see them working together.

Karbon Kev | 11 years ago

good! its about time ...

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