Shiny pedals for your track bike: did you win?

Tiffin has been taken, chins wiped and the randomator fired up. This week we asked it to pick six of y'all to walk away with a shiny pair of Genetic Track Pro pedals and it duly obliged. so step forward...

and duncan. Sorry, and jamesfifield

Congrats to the lucky winners! get in touch with your address and top three choices of colour and we'll sort everyone out. Sorry to those that missed out. Like public transport on the continent, you can rely on there being another Schwag Grab along on time. Like public transport in this country, it'll be next week before you can catch another one though.

Here's the original post...

We tested the Genetic Track Pro pedals last week and we were impressed: they're good quality flat units that have an appeal far beyond the track. And thanks to our friends at Ison Distribution we've got six pairs worth £29.99 each to give away. There's one pair in each colour – silver, black, gold, blue, purple and red – and they'll look the part on everything from a classic racer (add leather clips and straps to taste) to an urban fixer.

Want some? all you have to do is comment below and you're in the hat. Usual rules apply: please no multiple posts, and we'll make the draw as we take tiffin on Friday. If you fancy a specific colour then let us know in your comment; no guarantees though as it's all random and, of course, everyone will want purple...

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