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The Cycle Show on ITV: what did you think?

Debut episode featured Gary Fisher and Graeme Obree

ITV's Cycle Show debuted last night - proof, if it was needed, of a cycling renaissance in the UK.

The magazine-style chat show on ITV4 was met with enthusiasm by reviewers and viewers, although some expressed hope that the show might find more of a focus once it bedded in.

Last night's episode attempted to be something for everyone, with guests including Formula One racing driver-turned cyclist Nigel Mansell, mountain bike pioneer Gary Fisher and Graeme Obree, "The Flying Scotsman" who is hoping to break the human-powered land-speed record. 

Fisher and Obree rounded off the show with a Rollapaluza roller race.

Mountain biker James Bailey tweeted: #TheCycleShow wasn't great BUT its the first show, not aimed at me and next week they are covering last years #megavalanche give it time!

Another user, Gary Dawes wrote: #thecycleshow is a good effort but needs some tweaks - hope it will settle in. would have liked to have seen more Obree though.

The London cafe-bikeshop Look Mum No Hands was the venue for the first show.

Lewin Chalkley, one of the owners told the Independent: "I keep telling people it's like Top Gear without the tossers.

"We're so excited about it."

Sharon Fuller, operations director of Century TV, commissioned to make the show, made clear that the viewer response would shape the show in time to come.

She told Bike Biz: “Viewers need to get behind this show or it will be ten years before any broadcaster takes a chance on a show like this.

“This first series of eight half hour shows is like a pilot series. If viewers get behind this series there will be more chance of being able to make a second series, and perhaps a series with one hour per show.”

Did you miss the show? Watch again here.

Let us know what you thought of The Cycle Show in the comments below.

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John_the_Monkey | 12 years ago

I think they tried to fit too much in - half an hour isn't really enough time for what they were trying to do (imo).

They'd be better to focus a little more, I think. They also made the cardinal sin of letting someone mention h*lm*ts, which sent twitter into a fury, when they weren't being furious about their EXACT point of view being unrepresented in the first programme.

rjw | 12 years ago

It was pretty awful to be honest. As for being "Top Gear without the tossers", the tossers in this case were the audience. Interviewing guests in front of a load of people who won't stop chattering is never going to work on television, even if they are all wearing cycling caps with the peak flipped up to make it look all "cyclingish".

I'll probably watch next week just to see if they've learned anything from this week. I suspect they won't have though.

mattsccm | 12 years ago

Have a look at the STW forum reactions!
Didn't see it but if its a naff as it seems then some one (who) needs to feed back to the producers. A bad program is worse than none at all.
Time wil tell but they don'thave too long.

dmc | 12 years ago

Give it time  3


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