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Bicycle Kicks SOS! – we need a bike and we need it fast! Update: We've got one

Cycling footie fan needs an emergency touring bike to help him on his quest

Our mate Simon Hood at Bicycle Kicks is in a fix: he needs a bike and he needs it fast, so if you're in the bike trade and you're reading this maybe you can help.

It's a funny game football, but it can be cruel a bit like cycling then, but maybe not quite as cruel. One minute you're riding along quietly celebrating a dull, start of the season nil-nil draw and the next “snap” the beautiful game or in this case your beautiful bike deals you a swift blow to the gnadgers. That's what happened to Simon Hood only two games in to his season long odyssey following his beloved York City for a season, home and away by bike.

30 miles from York something went snap on his Kona Sutra. The good folk at Kona UK have done their best to get him back on the road in time for a testing two week series of matches which includes a 300 mile bank holiday jaunt from London to Gateshead, but things aren't looking good – Kona Sutras aren't that common…

So if you work in the bike trade and you can get a touring bike to fit 5ft 7in Simon to York by Sunday, that he can use for two weeks he'll be forever in your debt and there'll be a whole heap of good publicity in it for you – starting here. The national press and broadcast media are taking an interest in Si's exploits and so are we. Two week pedalling the length and breadth of Blighty is a pretty good test of a bike in our opinion so Si will be filing a test report on and no doubt expressing his undying gratitude to whoever sticks a microphone under his nose.

If you can help you can contact Simon si [at] or drop us a line to info [at] and we'll help get the wheels turning.


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