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Somerset velodrome plans will see waterspors make way for cycle sport

Cycling has outstripped jet skiing, say entrepreneurial couple behind project to fill in lake and build velodrome

It seems like everyone wants a velodrome these days - and some are going to extraordinary lengths to get one.

Steve and Julia Cox, who run Middlemoor Waterpark in Woolavington, are in the final stages of achieving permission to fill in half of their 20-acre lake to make space for a 500-metre oval cycling arena, and a 2km road track.

The pair believe that the popularity of cycling is far outstripping that of watersports, and are keen to get involved.

The plans will include a realistic road layout to teach children skills for riding in town.

Steve Cox is still waiting for the Environment Agency to finalise a permit to start filling the lake.

He told the Mercury: “We were told it would take six to eight weeks and it's taken 15 months.

“We're now waiting for the final piece of paper to be signed off, which could be any day now.

“There are no more major hurdles.”

He added: “People's habits are changing and the days of jet skiing have died.

“It's a case of redeveloping the water park into something else and we didn't have a bad set of results at the Olympics, and a few people seem to be cycling!”

He added that, as the lake won't be completely filled in, there's potential to develop the site into a triathlon centre.


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