Bradley Wiggins' wife knocked off her bike

She avoids serious injury

The wife of Team GB and Garmin-Slipstream star Bradley Wiggins has been knocked off her bike and has vowed to stay off the road bike from now on. "Stopped at a T junction and was knocked down from behind", she reported on micro-blogging site Twitter yesterday. "Bloke said 'sorry, didnt see you, and anyway I'd nearly stopped didn't hit you that hard.' erm, bent bike and the fact that I can barely bloody move says otherwise. and I feel very,very lucky! No more road bikefor this girl, never, ever."

Olympic gold medallist Wiggins tweeted about the incident, too: “@cathwiggins got knocked off her bike today by some silly old sod going to the garden center, Very Pissed Off!!!

The accident comes after both Cath and Bradley Wiggins reacted furiously to an article by TV chef James Martin in the Mail on Sunday. In a motoring review last week on the Tesla Roadster Martin told how he terrified a group of cyclists on a country road by honking his horn at them.

The article prompted Wiggins to tweet about it: “Everyone check out on the web what JAMES MARTIN, TV chef thinks about the thousands of cyclists that enjoy riding bikes around the lanes.” Martin later apologised for causing offence. Cath Wiggins responded to a joke suggestion that Martin was the driver of the car: "no, not him, an old bloke", she tweeted

Last year, 115 cyclists were killed on Britain's roads and the accident comes as proposals are being put forward to shift the blame for accidents involving cycles towards car drivers. The CTC have also recently launched a campaign to highlight the promlem of "SMIDSY" (Sorry Mate I Didn't See You) drivers.

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