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Dragon Ride: entries open 9am Thursday

There's a new 300km Devil route plus the old favourites and a women-only Cycletta...

If you want to participate in this year's Dragon Ride then entries open 9am tomorrow, Thursday 10 October.

If previous years are anything to go by then if you don't get on your laptop over your bacon sandwich then you'll be crying into your tiffin later, because it'll be full. Yes, even at those prices. It's a popular ride, this one.

What's new for this year? Well, Medio and Gran Fondo distances, the staple of the Dragon, are back, plus a 45lm Corto ride and a Women-only Cycletta event over the same course. And there's now a 300km Devil distance too, taking in 3,437m of climbing. Entries for that one are very limited, and at £87.50 a go it's the most expensive sportive we know. If you know otherwise, do let us know...

The start and finish will once again be from Margam Park. The routes are Available to view on the event website where you'll also find the entry link tomorrow. Here's the full list of routes and prices:

Corto 45km (total climbing 397m) £32.50
Medio Fondo 152km (total climbing 2,060m) £52.50
Gran Fondo 222km (total climbing 2,905m) £57.50
Dragon Devil 300km (total climbing 3,437m) £87.50
WomenOnly Cycletta 45km (total climbing 397m) £32.50

And here's what you get included with your entry fee:

•    Online entry and secure credit card payment facilities
•    Regular email newsletter
•    Riders pack posted out prior to the event. No need to register on the day of the ride
•    Free car parking at the start/finish venue
•    Electronic timing with disposable chip that you don't need to return after the ride
•    Route signage, en-route information
•    Mechanical support
•    Motorcycle marshalling by NEG Wales/UK
•    First aid cover by St John Ambulance
•    Feed stations with water, energy drink, sweet and/or savoury food
•    Course recovery for rider and bike
•    Gold, Silver and Bronze timing standards for age and gender
•    Finisher's medal
•    Event memento
•    Pasta party
•    Showers
•    Live music and entertainment at event village
•    SMS results
•    Online results in alphabetical order

Dave is a founding father of, having previously worked on Cycling Plus and What Mountain Bike magazines back in the day. He also writes about e-bikes for our sister publication ebiketips. He's won three mountain bike bog snorkelling World Championships, and races at the back of the third cats.

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Timsen | 10 years ago

This is a great event but spoiIt for me the timing fiasco of a couple of years ago. Last year I entered the ballot and didnt get a place which also annoyed me. Why should you have to pay extra for a guaranteed place if you have made the effort to apply on time in the first place ?
I haven't bothered this year.... there are better things to do on a bike as suggested above !
Try the Etape, Marmotte or especially the Maratona. Last year I rode the Paris Roubaix Challenge, from memory it was 25 Euros !

kknb2162 | 10 years ago

Was just looking into the 300km route, no thanks at that price. Audax it is then.

Simon E | 10 years ago

If people have £80 to spend on a bike ride (plus travel, acommodation etc) then let them spend it how they wish. Easy come, easy go and all that.

And it's all helping the economy, surely  3

woody83060 | 10 years ago

Tour of Flanders sportive is about £20. Rip off Britain.

philly | 10 years ago

so £50 -£90 to ride the main routes. If I'm correct, this ride isn't even closed roads(?)
That's an impressive list of "what you get' for your money but it's like the Emperor's New Clothes... really, you don't get that much do you? As I remember, The Cheshire Cat is half the price for probably the same sort of deal.
What a rip off. By the time you've paid petrol, hotel etc you might as well go do Gran Fondo Roma... you may pay a wee bit more (look into it, if there's a couple of you it can be good value) but you get a bit of a holiday too - entry is a flat £50 I think and that includes a decent jersey! Weather's better too  3
Rant over!!

dafyddp | 10 years ago

My local cycling club do an annual 160km Audax for £7.50 (£5 if you're a club or CTC/BC member).
For that you get:

  • Free parking - at the club or on nearby streets
    Fee free online entry (via Paypal)
  • No timing chip to worry about, just use your watch and rely on honesty
  • Route signage (via a map/directions that you're free to download and print off)
  • Support from fellow riders
  • First class feed stations (cafés en-route)
  • Cup of tea and a cake at the end and a hearty "well done!"
  • Optional Warm-up/Cool-down session (you can cycle to and from the event if you want)

    To be fair, there is no pasta party OR event village, so the extra £80 is clearly well spent

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