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Bristol drivers are Britain's worst for road rage, according to new research

Looking for Britain's road rage capital? This study suggests Bristolians are top of the table...

Bristol drivers are the UK's worst for road rage, according to a new study by car finance company, Zuto.

A table-topping 43 per cent of Bristolians surveyed admitted to having road rage occasionally when driving.

Zuto compiled the data to find out what annoys drivers in the UK, and broke the numbers down by city.

The Bristol Post reports its home city topped the charts for road rage drivers.

In London, 26 per cent of drivers surveyed admitted to having road rage either most of the time, or every time they drive.

In Belfast and Manchester the figure was 23 per cent, while in Birmingham and Sheffield it was 17 and 15 per cent respectively.

Bristolians were also the most likely to be annoyed by 'late/no idicators' at 61 per cent, while 57 per cent said they are frustrated by 'cars getting too close behind you'.

At the top of the list of things that annoy Bristol drivers was potholes (71 per cent). Long-duration traffic lights frustrated 29 per cent of the motorists surveyed.

In the regional breakdown, BMW drivers were judged the most annoying in every city, apart from Liverpool and Leeds who said Range Rover drivers, and Manchester where it was those behind the wheel of Minis.

Zuto did not ask if drivers were annoyed by cyclists or other forms of transport.

The study showed that 25 per cent of UK drivers admit to swearing at others while driving — seven per cent are prepared to get out their vehicle to confront another road user.

Boy racers were voted the third biggest behavioural pet peeve, behind tailgating and not indicating, and 31 per cent admitted being annoyed by drivers not thanking them for giving way.

More generally, potholes were voted the biggest annoyance on UK roads (61 per cent), while speed bumps annoy 31 per cent of the people surveyed by Zuto.

Earlier this month the founder of Fair Fuel UK, which lobbies the government over fuel duty claimed that the new Highway Code changes encourage road rage.

> "Lunatic Highway Code" encourages road rage and gives cyclists carte blanche, Fair Fuel UK boss claims

A 2017 study found that almost two-thirds of UK cyclists (63 per cent) have experienced aggressive behaviour from motorists, while over half (56 per cent) believe the problem has increased significantly since 2012.

The survey also found that 85 per cent of cyclists were concerned about the behaviour of motorists whilst on their bikes, whereas 94 per cent said they felt safe and confident on the road whilst driving.

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