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Conor McGregor knocked off his bike... and gets a lift home off the driver who hit him

The MMA fighter said it "wasn't my time" and that the driver couldn't see him because of a sun trap, before nabbing a lift home...

MMA fighter Conor McGregor has taken to social media after being hit by a driver while riding his bike, saying he "got a bang of[f] a car" as he films the aftermath. The 34-year-old appears to have avoided serious injuries, and is seen in the passenger seat of the driver's car with his broken bike in the boot. 

While McGregor has been known to have a short fuse in the past, it (sort of) appears all was forgiven after this incident, with the Irishman claiming that the driver couldn't see him because of a "sun trap".  McGregor also credits his wrestling and judo training for helping him to emerge largely unscathed, adding: "Having an awareness on the landing saved my life."

In the first video clip on McGregor's Instagram post, we see his Orbea hybrid on the floor, with the driver in the background repeatedly apologising.

"Don't worry about it", says McGregor, before the driver then offers him and the broken bike a lift home. 

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It appears McGregor accepted, as in the next clip, he's in the passenger seat of the driver's car and continuing to film the aftermath of his experience. We find out the driver is called Nick, with some of McGregor's followers in the comments pointing out that he looks concerned, worried or both.

McGregor says: "Nick just smacked me with his car ...the bike [is] in the back. 

"...I'm still here, thank God. That's all that matters." 

McGregor has long been partial to a bike ride to stay fit, sharing pictures of a custom FiftyOne road bike with gold leaf details back in 2018

From the footage it appears neither McGregor's body or confidence have suffered too badly, so hopefully he'll be back on the bike in no time... 

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