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"Maybe it’s not the perfect pro image but f*** it": Luke Rowe enjoys beer with his brother while riding the Tour of Britain; "You shall not pass": Cyclist stops escaping cows with bare hands; Evenepoel coffee masterclass at Vuelta + more on the live blog

After a weekend of enjoying cycling in the sun, Adwitiya is back on the live blog hot seat for a new week of the latest cycling news from around the world


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11 September 2023, 08:05
"F*** it, we have to enjoy these moments!": Luke Rowe downs a beer with his brother on Caerphilly Mountain in Tour of Britain

What a day, what a final stage!

After a week dominated by discussions around the Tour of Britain's sedentary, the race finally erupted on its penultimate day (which home hero Tom Pidcock was unfortunately unable to be a part of due to his, ahem, three balls), before culminating to its grand finalé atop the Caerphilly mountain.

But as the race effervesced along the two diabolic laps of the climb, albeit aside the heavenly views of the lofty towers of the biggest castle in Wales, Luke Rowe was busy having his own 'party'.

Tour of Britain 2023, Caerphilly (image: Adwitiya Pal)

Tour of Britain 2023, Caerphilly (image: Adwitiya Pal)

The rider born just a few miles off the finish line in the Welsh capital of Cardiff, was met by his brother who handed him a bottle of Corona and ran alongside him as they both chugged the drink.

"Imagine this, your best mate is your brother, I support him, he supports me. We meet on the last climb of the race and sink a beer together. Maybe it’s not the perfect pro image but f*** it. We have to enjoy these moments," wrote Luke Rowe on Twitter.

Spanish rider Íñigo Elosegui from UCI ProTeam Equipo Kern Pharma, also riding in the Tour of Britain, seemed to have attained an affinity for Wales and its people too, saying: "Man, this is what makes cycling special and these are the kind of moments that will live for ever in your memories.

"And that’s what really matters! It was great to climb there by your side and feel how everyone was cheering. From now on I have to love Wales and its people."

People in the comments were overjoyed at the sight and the moment, everyone showing their admiration for the 33-year-old and tipping their hat for giving his all and keeping fans entertained.

Although the day began with showers and the stage was neutralised owing to an unrelated crash resulting in serious injuries for a motorcyclist, the race picked up soon after, with Great Britain's Stephen Williams and Carlos Rodriguez braving against the odds to keep the two-man breakaway going.

However, Williams would soon be caught by the chasing group, but Rodriguez was defiant, going all-guns blazing, on his own, on the tough climbs in the valleys of South Wales.

In the end, it was an epic solo ride by Carlos Rodriguez who would hold on to take the win at Caerphilly (your live blog host was also in attendance!).

Carlos Rodriguez, Tour of Britain 2023 (image: Adwitiya Pal)

Carlos Rodriguez, Tour of Britain 2023 (image: Adwitiya Pal)

A dogfight ensued behind the Spanish, with the leader Van Aert fully aware that he wouldn't be helped on by anyone around him, and having to do most of the work to keep Rodriguez within 28 seconds to seal off his GC title.

After two laps of the Caerphilly mountain, it was a sprint which would decide the GC top spots, contested by Van Aert, Damien Howson of Q36.5, Tobias Johannessen of Uno-X, and Magnus Sheffield of Ineos Grenadiers, the latter unfortunately missing out on the podium places despite just being off three seconds from the leader.

Tour of Britain 2023 podium (image: Adwitiya Pal)

Tour of Britain 2023 podium (image: Adwitiya Pal)

11 September 2023, 15:48
New 20mph speed limits coming to London
11 September 2023, 15:39
"If it was important for motorised traffic it would have been done": Cyclist slams council's plan to permanently close quiet route and send everyone along busy main road
Thirlmere road closure (image supplied)

A cyclist who visited the Lake District this summer, riding along a storm-damaged road which the council recently proposed to shut permanently, has spoken out about the "totally unnecessary" delay in repairing the route.

Calling the delay to repair the storm damage "totally unnecessary", the cyclist explained how they ignored the road closure as "it was much safer than going back and cycling up a busy main road"...

> "If it was important for motorised traffic it would have been done": Cyclist slams council's plan to permanently close quiet route and send everyone along busy main road

11 September 2023, 14:42
Old Market, new cycleway, Bristol (Bristol City Council)
Major cycling infrastructure improvement project finally begins in Bristol city centre

After months of delays and cyclists pleading for it, the Bristol City Council has finally announced that the project in the city centre is beginning today.

The new link will be built between the Old Market roundabout and the existing cycle path through Castle Park, often singled out by many cyclists as a key gap in the cycling route through Bristol city centre.

The £1.2 million project is being funded by the West of England Combined Authority through a grant from the Department for Transport’s Active Travel Fund.

Currently cyclists and pedestrians coming off of a segregated route through the roundabout have to share a pavement and cross over two roads before reaching the path in the park. Campaigners welcomed the new plans which they said include their suggestions.

Improvements include a segregated cycle route on Tower Hill with protected pedestrian spaces that connect Old Market roundabout and Castle Street; wider and safer crossing points for people walking and cycling; high quality surfaces with consistent paving; and more plants and trees in and around the junction.

> Calls for safe infrastructure after Bristol cyclist killed in lorry crash

Ian Pond, chairperson at the Bristol Cycling Campaign, said: "We were glad to have been involved in the design phase of this project with officers and we're very happy to see that the suggestions we made have been incorporated in the final design of this piece of the city centre cycling infrastructure."

Bristol Old-Market new cycleway (Bristol City Council)

Labour Councillor Don Alexander, cabinet member for transport, said: "It’s a key priority of this administration to continue to make our roads safer and more accessible for all, to encourage more people to travel actively and improve their health while helping us to cut congestion and air pollution in the city. This is one of a series of projects that we’re progressing to make cycling and walking throughout Bristol a safer and more pleasant experience."

Greens also welcomed the decision, but questioned the delay and lack of urgency from the Labour council. Green Councillor Ed Plowden said: "It's excellent news that work will finally be starting on this ‘gap-fill’ cycle path — the designs are very good. However, it could have been done years ago as the designs have been in place for many years and the funding for over two years.

"Although the Green Party accepts that infrastructure isn’t built overnight, it does feel that the Labour administration are still moving at a snail’s pace when it comes to building new cycle routes and connecting existing ones — it’s been over two years since the nearby segment of this route on the roundabout was finished.

> "There's a car park 20 metres away": Cyclists slam cycle lane parking putting riders in danger

"How long will Bristolians have to wait for a network of safe, connected cycling and walking routes? We’ve known for years that this could transform transport in Bristol, and help us tackle the climate emergency — it would be good to see more urgency to get it done.

"We are also concerned that this lack of pace and ambition for investing in Bristol’s active travel could put future funding at risk. While in opposition, we will be doing what we can to make sure that the mayor is investing government and other funding effectively and efficiently."

11 September 2023, 14:21
"It's at the limit now": Tour of Britain organiser highlights "enormous" costs involved, responds to critics who called route "dull"
2023 Tour of Britain stage seven (Simon Wilkinson/

Tour of Britain organiser Mick Bennett has responded to the discussion and debate around the route that met the opening days of this year's event, saying it is "definitely" the hardest it has ever been to put the race on, with funding concerns, local authority issues, huge costs, Brexit and Covid all contributing...

> "It's at the limit now": Tour of Britain organiser highlights "enormous" costs involved, responds to critics who called route "dull"

11 September 2023, 12:19
"You shall not pass", cyclist edition: How to (politely) stop cows from escaping with your bare hands

"This has to be the strangest thing to ever happen to me on a bike ride", were the words of Andrew O'Connor. Well, I can confirm this is the strangest thing I have seen happen to someone on a bike ride, and with this job, I can tell you I have seen some really strange things...

As he was taking a break at the bottom of the Great Dun Fell mountain in the North Pennines, eating his bar and changing his GoPro batteries, lo and behold, a horde of cows come swarming out on the road, walking at a steady pace towards him.

On the corner of the frame, a farmer comes running on the side, screaming at the top of their lungs, "Stop them!"

A bewildered O'Connor asks with the bar in his hand, "What am I supposed to do?!"

Out of a movie (or a video game), I know!

But kudos to the cyclist, who doesn't spare a second's breath and jumps in the middle of the road and commands, "Stop, stop!", while holding out both his hands, palms out.

The cows, who, as some people in the comments pointed out, might have been plotting their escape for months, came to a halt and looked at each other in confusion. "Who is this human and why is he ruining our plan?"

The farmer soon caught up and gave a hearty "Well done" to the cyclist, who still held fort, standing in Gandalf's iconic "you shall not pass" posture and replying: "A bit out of my comfort zone here!"

Ah well, I guess that's a side quest completed for O' Connor! Thibaut Pinot would be proud.

11 September 2023, 11:57
Two Belgians teach an Italian how to make coffee in Spain...

Writing this as I just finished my second cup of the day, what is the world coming to?

Yep, this is going to take more than just one rest day for me to digest. Let me see if I can get an off this week based on these grounds...

11 September 2023, 11:30
"It's been almost ten years but we're still waiting": Cycling UK urges government to act on Cycling and Walking MPs report calling for tougher sentences considering aggravating factors for motorists

The All Party Parliamentary Cycling and Walking Group's report "Road Justice", published this morning, has quickly become the talking point.

> “Dangerous driving is a choice”: Cycling and walking MPs call for tougher sentences for motorists driving larger cars, as well as strict enforcement of speed limits

The cross-party group’s report advises that motorists who commit driving offences while behind the wheel of larger, heavier cars should receive tougher penalties, with the size and weight of the vehicle seen as an "aggravating factor" when it comes to sentencing.

It also calls for speed limits to be strictly enforced, with the current tolerances for inaccurate readings scrapped, along with recommending that anyone who is banned from driving for a period should be forced to undertake a fresh driving test, while criticising those who use the "exceptional hardship" excuse to avoid bans.

APPG Road Justice Report

APPG Road Justice Report

In reaction the report, Sarah McMonagle, Cycling UK director of external affairs said:

"Cycling UK is urging the Government to take up the very sensible recommendation from MPs and review urgently penalties for driving offences, including disqualification powers to ensure those who present a risk to others are banned from driving, and can’t drive again until they’ve proved they’re safe to drive.

> Judges told killing a cyclist now an 'aggravating factor' for driving offences, could lead to longer sentences

"It's almost ten years since the Justice Secretary promised that the Government would carry out a full review of all driving offences and penalties, but we’re still waiting and that’s not good enough. It’s imperative that the current Justice Minister Alex Chalk reads this report and reflects on his own contribution as co-chair of this All-Party Group back in 2017, when he called on the Ministry of Justice to look at the declining use of disqualification powers and how the offences of careless and dangerous driving, and the penalties for those offences, were being used.

"Ten years on, it’s time the Ministry of Justice moved forward with a Government commitment that had widespread cross-party support at the time. To continue to delay would be a huge betrayal of the victims of road crime."

Just this morning, British Cycling also released a statement calling for end to "hazardous leniency" in sentencing of drivers who kill or injure cyclists, joining forces with law firm Leigh Day to sponsor the report.

11 September 2023, 10:43
Shots fired: Lidl vs Jumbo in the Netherlands

Finally, Lidl-Trek is taking the peloton's supermarket wars seriously!

> Supermarket wars in the peloton

Lidl-Trek announced that climber-domestique Sam Oomen will the joint the team on a three-year contract, "bringing a wealth of experience and a history of contributing to overall victories at prestigious races like the Vuelta a España and Giro d’Italia".

11 September 2023, 09:56
Jonas Vingegaard's trust issues with Remco Evenepoel

Jumbo, the man is 19 minutes behind your three riders who are all in the top spots. Let him have some fun!

11 September 2023, 09:43
British Cycling calls for end to "hazardous leniency" in sentencing of drivers who kill or injure cyclists
Newmarket Road fatal collision sign, Norwich (credit: Peter Silburn)

"Greater consistency in the way police deal with incidents on the road": The governing body has joined forced with law firm Leigh Day to sponsor an All Party Parliamentary Group for Cycling and Walking report which will be published in Parliament today...

> British Cycling calls for end to "hazardous leniency" in sentencing of drivers who kill or injure cyclists

11 September 2023, 09:01
Evenepoel's jersey gifted to Romain Bardet (Instagram)
Remco Evenepoel rides his bike to Romain Bardet's bus to gift him his Belgian Champs jersey and Vuelta stage win trophy

Class act from Remco.

After an unsual, never-seen-before falter on Friday's Col du Tourmalet stage, the Belgian snapped back in some fashion the next day on the summit of Puerta de Belagua. Getting involved in the breakaway, and then launching attack after attack, Evenepoel was on a redemption mission, and along with him was the French climber 
prolifique Romain Bardet.

Both worked together for a while, but eventually, Evenepoel would drop Bardet too and take the stage victory solo, but the valiant efforts and the valuable co-operation of the Frenchman were not lost on him.

So the next day, Evenepoel rode his SL8 to Bardet's bus and handed him his Belgian national champion jersey as well as the trophy for Saturday's stage win, reports AS Ciclisimo.

Bardet's partner posted the image of the jersey on Instagram as well, writing that "he's [Bardet] going to do laps around the terrace in this jersey".

At the finish, Evenepoel said: "Romain was super cooperative with me, we worked very well together. I said that I was going to set the pace on the climbs and I set the tempo, and he worked on the flats and false flats."

At the Belagua, Bardet's legs gave up, with Evenepoel even waiting for a while for him to catch before setting off solo for the final four kilometres.

The Frenchman was not shy in praising Evenepoel too. He said: "Sitting on his wheel was like riding into a headwind he was going so fast. He did 80 per cent of the work and there's no doubt that the strongest rider won. It was mad following him. When he was on the descents he was so aero that I was having to pedal to stay with him, and that was the same on the flats.

"It’s only now that I get why he can do these solo attacks 100 kilometres from the finish. It’s amazing."

Is this the bromance the peloton needed? Well, I'm completely here for it!

Adwitiya joined in 2023 as a news writer after graduating with a masters in journalism from Cardiff University. His dissertation focused on active travel, which soon threw him into the deep end of covering everything related to the two-wheeled tool, and now cycling is as big a part of his life as guitars and football. He has previously covered local and national politics for Voice Wales, and also likes to writes about science, tech and the environment, if he can find the time. Living right next to the Taff trail in the Welsh capital, you can find him trying to tackle the brutal climbs in the valleys.

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That last stage of the ToB was a great stage. We need more of that in the UK, I hope the organisers can find the cash to put on another race next year and I hope it's less sprinty. I thought the proconti teams did great all week also, good to see them in the mix each day. 

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There was a great atmosphere at the top of Caerphilly Mountain where the Rowe fan club were camped out. Not that you could hear it on the TV coverage, but there was a band playing at the KOM for both ascents. Also pretty sure I caught a glimpse of one of the Ineos riders pulling a wheelie up the final stretch of that climb.   

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