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"It just needs a tune up...": Bike shop shares rust-ridden "tetanus express" that no amount of WD-40 could cure; Jeremy Vine engages stealth mode; Groundhog Day GPS art; Hedge cutting "a danger to cyclists", council warns + more on the live blog

Dan Alexander is back in the live blog chair this Thursday, with all your essential, but mostly non-essential, updates from the cycling world
02 February 2023, 08:48
"It just needs a tune up...": Bike shop shares the rust-ridden "tetanus express" that no amount of WD-40 could cure

As far as exciting names go, the "tetanus express" isn't the most appealing for casual weekend spin. Also, as per a quick Google search, the ol' tetanus/rust connection is apparently a bit of a myth, but hey, it's a fun name, let's not let the science get in the way of a good time...

As a long since departed Instagram user, checking Trench Tales' brilliant documentation of life in a bike shop periodically for live blog crackers is just about it for that particular app. But if there was one account likely to keep me coming back, it's them. Well worth a follow if you like your mechanical mishaps messy and just generally want to feel slightly better about the state you keep your pride and joy in.

Despite the bicycle abuse on show in every post, it's really hard to look away...remember these?

Worn tyre (@trench_tales/Instagram)

> Is there any rubber left? The impossibly worn tyre that earned bike shop visitor a standing ovation from mechanics... after he only came in "for a tube"

Cleat disaster (Image credit: @trench_tales/Instagram)

> Can it be real? Mechanic shares double cleat horror set up 

Yep, two Trench Tales classics. Anyway, today's caused the page's growing following the usual disbelief and amusement at what a mechanic is meant to do when an expectant customer arrives with THAT in tow...

One speculated the line delivered was: "IT JUST NEEDS A TUNE UP. I USED TO WORK IN A SHOP"

Another that it was just in for a "flat repair and rear brake adjustment. Only."

Someone else asked if it had been salvaged from the Titanic. Well played...

02 February 2023, 16:49
Giulio Ciccone wins another bike race — and throws his shades away AGAIN

Remember Ciccone's 2019 Giro win? Okay, fair enough maybe you're not as nerdy as us. The one where he beat Jan Hirt in the sprint and lobbed his glasses away in excitement...

He's done it again...

And if you want the blue bird app summed up in two embeds, here you go...

Seems there's only one way to decide this...


02 February 2023, 16:37
"If I'm shoplifting, is it the shop owners responsibility to have adequate security?": Village police force's much-criticised response to another bike theft

Unsurprisingly the have a pop at victims approach to tackling crime didn't go down spectacularly well...

02 February 2023, 15:28
Stage cancelled
02 February 2023, 15:07
Crash chaos neutralises Étoile de Bessèges stage two

Holy moly that's a big crash...

The stage has been neutralised while the race staff, doctors and riders pick through the pile of bikes and bodies. Let's hope everyone is as well as they can be after a pile up like that. 

We'll bring you more details as we get them here on the live blog... 

02 February 2023, 15:03
Why Are UK Bike Prices So High!? Is Brexit to Blame?

02 February 2023, 13:53
Ruben Guerreiro claims first win for Movistar, coming out on top on Saudi Tour queen stage

Ignore the flat finish, there was a tough ol' climb to the plateau at the top where Davide Formolo, Santiago Buitrago, Felix Großschartner and Ruben Guerreiro did battle for the stage win and control of the race.

As you've probably gathered, Guerreiro got the victory, his first for Movistar and leads Formolo by eight seconds on GC.

Not sure much more needs to be said, it's Saudi Tour after all...

02 February 2023, 13:27
"As long as the wheel goes around when I pedal" and more of your maintenance philosophies

Patrick9-32: "As someone who has four bikes, three of which currently have punctures I haven't got round to fixing yet, I don't appreciate the poor maintenance shaming." You're welcome, Patrick. If it's any consolation, I've only got one but still haven't got everything under control. Give me some sunshine for motivation...

JustTryingToGet...: "If it makes you feel better, I rarely bother sorting mine now unless it's urgent, I wait for issues to accumulate and then get the whole thing sorted... I'm so lazy someone comes to my house to collect the bike! I quite like this maintenance shaming as I've never let a bike get that bad!"

Global Nomad's got a simpler outlook on maintenance... "As long as the wheel goes around when I pedal."

02 February 2023, 13:15
Ethan Hayter to miss European Track Championships and other early season targets due to fractured collarbone
Ethan Hayter Tour Down Under 2023 ( Whitehead)

[📷: Whitehead]

Ethan Hayter has undergone successful surgery in Australia for a fractured collarbone sustained at last weekend's Cadel Evans Great Ocean Road Race. The talented young Brit will now travel home but will not be competing at next week's European Track Championships in Switzerland, Ineos Grenadiers confirmed to Cyclingnews.

The 24-year-old's wins have been getting steadily bigger during his WorldTour career. Last year he added a British national TT championship and the Tour of Poland to his growing palmares and finished fourth in the World Championships TT.

02 February 2023, 12:16
Hedge cutting "a danger to cyclists", council warns

Potholes, dangerous driving, broken glass, ice, dodgy infrastructure, invisible dog leads etc. etc. you've heard almost just about every possible danger to people riding bicycles — until now...

Well, according to the East Anglian Daily Times concerns have been raised about the cutting back of a Suffolk hedgerow that may be endangering cyclists and damaging valuable habitat for wildlife.

The worry is the cut hedge in Goldings Lane may cause punctures and increase the debris along the route.

However, nobody seems to know why the hedge was trimmed, with residents and the council unsure of the culprit. Not sure the BBC will be after a six-part mystery crime drama, but still, frustrating for those involved...

"It appears to be a mystery. Whether it is tidying up in terms of hedge trimming or whether there are any plans for that site. There is certainly nothing that the town council is aware of," Cllr John Last said.

02 February 2023, 11:19
Groundhog Day GPS art
02 February 2023, 11:16
What happens on team training camp... goes on social media

Admittedly probably the most sober a British male forced to do a swimming pool forfeit at a hotel by the beach in Spain has ever been... 

02 February 2023, 11:06
Jeremy Vine engages stealth mode

Don't tell Jo about this...

> Opinion: No, I don't wave at other cyclists when I'm out for a ride... isn't a simple nod of acknowledgement enough? 

Anyway, cyclists recording law-breaking road users has been a hot topic this past week, with an Edinburgh rider who caught 12 drivers in one hour subsequently deactivating his social media accounts due to abuse. Well, we spoke to Mikey about the issue and he told us "people need to see justice being done" and the abuse only comes because some motorists "feel they have the right to drive how they want".

The full interview can be read here...

02 February 2023, 09:44
"Bit of T-cut & that'll be as good as new..."

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