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"Welcome to London" where thieves cut through bike racks; Local Conservative group claims LTNs "target the vulnerable"; Multiple abandons from huge Bessèges crash; Is Giulio Ciccone the messiah or a very naughty boy? + more on the live blog

It's Friday, the weekend is just around the corner and Dan Alexander is bringing another week of live blogs home...
03 February 2023, 10:29
"Welcome to London" where thieves cut through bike racks

We're all more than familiar with the bike thieves willing to use angle grinders to cut through bike locks...

> Thieves use angle grinder to steal Trek bike locked outside busy shopping centre

> Thieves attempting to steal bike using angle grinder thwarted by passing locals

> Video: "That's not their bike" – London bicycle thieves filmed using angle grinder

> "Sparks flying in broad daylight": Thief attempts to steal Labour MP's bike using angle grinder

That's just a few of the incidents we've covered...

But apparently the brazen bike thieves of England's capital are now willing to cut through the whole damn bike rack to take your pride and joy. Some replies warned users to make sure the rack they're locking their bike to doesn't have cut-outs like this covered by stickers and that the bottom of the unit is properly secured to the floor.

Another commenter was left hoping the post doesn't give Bristol's criminally-minded opportunists an idea...

How do you stop your bike getting nicked? For me, it's the ol' three lock job (front wheel, frame and rear wheel) then, as bad as it sounds, pray there are easier targets elsewhere... Oh, and insurance just for some financial peace of mind...

03 February 2023, 16:15
Racing round-up: Wins for Astana and Lotto Dstny

Back in Europe there was almost a popular win for Valentin Ferron, the rider yesterday spotted clinging onto a bridge after a crash. Unfortunately for him and his TotalEnergies team, promising Belgian Arnaud De Lie is in imperious form and took his second stage of the race.

Young Brit Samuel Watson was third. In Spain, there was a win for Astana Qazaqstan as Simone Velasco won a three-up sprint ahead of Bob Jungels and Jonas Gregaard. The eternal top-ten Fred Wright was sixth.

03 February 2023, 15:33
Simone Consonni wins final stage of Saudi Tour, Ruben Guerreiro wraps up GC

One race, one win for Ruben Guerreiro at Movistar. Meanwhile it was Cofidis sprinter Simone Consonni who took the final stage of the week. Here's how he did it...

03 February 2023, 14:49
Tim Declercq goes window shopping... to keep the sponsors happy

Time for a fantastic addition to the pro cyclists doing sponsor duties hall of fame...

Up there with that time Alaphilippe's doctor prescribed him specifically Tacx trainer work to regain fitness from crash injuries. 

03 February 2023, 14:36
Six months to go...
03 February 2023, 14:22
On the bike, City! Beryl partners with Norwich City for Green Football Weekend
beryl bikeshare launch Norwich 2020

It's Green Football Weekend don't you know...

Being slightly cynical that means professional clubs, some of whom's players will be jetting across the country to avoid a four-hour bus journey, ask fans to think about how they can have a positive impact on climate change. 

Anyway, my grumpiness aside, Beryl has teamed up with Championship club Norwich City FC as part of a nationwide initiative for their game against Burnley tomorrow and will set up a temporary 'virtual bay' outside Carrow Road between 11am and 12.30pm meaning fans can get to the ground by bike, e-bike or e-scooter and can claim 20 minutes off their journey with a free unlock (it's a 12:30pm kick-off by the way, you don't have to get there four hours early...)

"Our vehicles are a fun, easy to use and sustainable way to make short journeys, which makes them perfect for local fans to get to the football stadium," Beryl CEO Phil Ellis said.

"By swapping the car for more sustainable transport, you can not only help reduce traffic congestion and harmful carbon emissions, you can also improve your own physical and mental health. Our vehicles are already cost effective when compared to the cost of petrol and match-day parking, but the special offer gives users the chance to save even more money."

Full details can be found here. Will you be cycling to a football match this weekend?

03 February 2023, 14:09
Why cyclists DO use cycle lanes
03 February 2023, 11:45
Rapha undergoes refinancing operation to write off debt but says it "far outperformed" rivals in 2022

Comment of the day contender...

And some more of your thoughts (without the tongue firmly wedged in cheek)...

03 February 2023, 11:22
Hero of the day — Axel Laurance

Here's how poor Valentin Ferron got out of his precarious post-crash position...

03 February 2023, 09:53
Patch of the Day
03 February 2023, 08:51
London Conservative group claims LTNs "target the vulnerable" and "hard-working motorists" to make money and "benefit cycling campaigners"

The Tottenham Conservatives are at it again...

This from the same Conservative London borough group that in September faced a backlash after posting images to social media likening low-traffic neighbourhoods to apartheid. No, really...

Old Apartheid New Apartheid

 Then, in November, the local group was accused of scaremongering over a video showing a woman filmed from behind walking down a poorly-lit residential street that, while captions appear on screen, to the sound of the siren of a police car.

Labour-run Haringey Council has rolled out three LTNs in the borough in recent months, in Bounds Green, Bruce Grove and, most recently, West Green. As with similar initiatives elsewhere, they are aimed at preventing rat-running drivers from using residential streets as a short cut, and thereby also making the area safer and more pleasant for people living there.

Introduced under the Haringey Streets for People initiative, the council has said that the LTNs were put in place following three rounds of engagement with the local community. It has also made exemptions available for a number of categories of people including Blue Badge holders.

And just like Katie Hopkins and Jordan Peterson in recent times (what company to be in, by the way) the local Conservative group has hit out at the clean air schemes. Anyway, the replies to their latest 'campaigning' were every bit as entertaining and insightful as you'd hope...

03 February 2023, 09:33
He's not the messiah, he's a very naughty boy! Or is he?

Giulio Ciccone's shades-scattering celebration hit our screens again yesterday...

And after the first reactions we saw called it epic and the second the behaviour of a spoilt brat...(that's Twitter for you)... we decided to put it to the people to decide Giulio's fate forever... 

Live blog poll result 2/2/2023


03 February 2023, 09:23
Multiple abandons due to huge Bessèges crash

The damage from yesterday's Étoile de Bessèges crash which caused the stage to be neutralised is being counted this morning, with a few riders being forced to abandon due to their injuries...

We'll find out the full abandon list in a few hours time when the peloton departs for stage three. 

03 February 2023, 09:09
Council makes U-turn on "discriminatory" ban on cyclists at recycling centres

An update to one of our big live blog stories from earlier in the week... 

Recycling Centre (Love Essex)

> Council makes U-turn on "discriminatory" ban on cyclists at recycling centres

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