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Jeremy Vine's cycle lane near miss as empty bin chucked across London bike lane; Tributes to Davide Rebellin; Tour de France ditches Paris final stage, Nice finale rumoured; Remco signs up for the Giro; Cycling advent calendars + more on the live blog

Happy Wednesday! Come join us on our latest live blog, with Dan Alexander behind the keyboard for this one...
30 November 2022, 09:08
Jeremy Vine's cycle lane near miss as empty bin chucked across London bike lane

Naive ol' me reading Jeremy Vine suggest "cycling in London is better than any video game" and simply expecting some nice footage of pleasant cycling. It sounds even sillier now I'm writing it out...

Of course there's a moment, captured in glorious 360-degree, that earns a shout from the pedalling presenter and a post on social media... but it's not the usual dodgy dangerous driving... instead a rogue bin almost taking him out.

I say 'rogue'. The bin itself had little to do with clip other than being lobbed in front of Vine by the rubbish throw (I'll see myself out) of the binman nearby.

30 November 2022, 11:32
Your thoughts on the Vine video...

Mungecrundle is kicking off our dip into the comments this morning...

"I have a bit of a soft spot for our bin crews. They get a lot of crap from some due to the necessity of having stop a large vehicle right in the middle of the road in order to do their job, they are then at risk from the impatient and careless who look down on them for the work they do.

"There's a reason for the orange warning beacons. Go slow, dead slow! Expect operatives working behind the vehicle and don't be surprised if an errant bin appears in your path.

"I don't think Jeremy was in any particular danger here as he was proceeding with caution, not really worth a reaction to be honest."

Rendel Harris agrees... "Beat me to it, although I do think the operative was a little careless here in general I find the bin crews in London are the most courteous users of the road around. It's not at all uncommon when cycling towards a bin lorry for one of the operatives to shout to the driver and the rest of his mates that a cyclist is coming through and for them to stand aside.

"They're nearly always friendly in terms of exchanging good mornings etc as well. I think as vulnerable road users themselves who often get hassled by car drivers (by coincidence it's our bin day today, it's an unusual day when one doesn't hear at least one car angrily hooting at the lorry for blocking the street) they have a greater affinity with cyclists than many."

BalladOfStruth commented: "I'm always careful passing bin lorries, because I expect workers to step out from behind them, or jump out of the cab without looking - but this was a protected (ish) cycle lane next the road the bin lorry was working in. Gotta say, I probably wouldn't have expected that."

To which ShutTheFrontDawes replied: "The kicker for me is no apology (that I could hear at least). Everyone makes mistakes, but come on."

30 November 2022, 16:32
"A few days ago we were doing our last pro race in Monaco and today you left to join the stars"

Here was Philippe Gilbert and Davide Rebellin at the start of the criterium in Monaco on Sunday, the pair's last race as professional cyclists.

Gilbert reposted the photo on Twitter this afternoon with the message: "A few days ago we were doing our last pro race in Monaco and today you left to join the stars. I think very strongly of Françoise and your family. I am very sad we will miss you amico. RIP #DavideRebellin" 

30 November 2022, 15:56
Tributes to Davide Rebellin

Davide Rebellin, one of the most renowned pro cyclists of recent times — primarily due to his glittering noughties classics successes and since through his longevity and love for the sport, only retiring last month aged 51 — has tragically been killed while riding his bike in Italy.

The tributes have been rolling in, including from fellow classics star and rival Alejandro Valverde who took to social media to write: "My deepest condolences to the family and friends of Davide Rebellin, a professional colleague and rival for so many years."

Lotto Soudal's now-former general manager John Lelangue shared a picture from an awards dinner following a criterium in Monaco on Sunday, won by the retiring Phlippe Gilbert, that also honoured Rebellin's career...

30 November 2022, 15:14
Tour of Britain boosts Nottinghamshire's economy by £4 million
Tour of Britain events (Destination Sports Experiences)

An economic impact assessment commissioned by event organisers suggested that Nottinghamshire's economy was boosted by £4.34m in net visitor expenditure, the Nottingham Post reports.

Stage five of this year's race ran from West Bridgford to Mansfield and was won by Jordi Meeus of Bora-hansgrohe, the final stage before the race was called off out of respect following the death of Queen Elizabeth II.

The report showed 69 per cent of spectators visited from outside of Nottinghamshire, with 60 per cent saying they would visit the county again. More than three quarters visited with families and the average daily sped per group was £48.

Councillor Ben Bradley, leader of Nottinghamshire County Council, said: "The findings really are the icing on the cake after what was truly a stage to remember – especially for the fans who travelled here in their thousands to watch the race pass through our county."

30 November 2022, 14:27
A reader email on Dutch common sense
Better facilities, like these in the Netherlands, woiuld encourage people to cycle more (CC BY-NC-SA 2.0 licenced by MarkA:Flickr)

[📷: CC BY-NC-SA 2.0 licenced by MarkA]

Having read our story about the 'mini-Holland' scheme touted for a Nottinghamshire town, one reader got in touch...

I was born and raised in Holland. Road division is as follows: main carriageway, grass verge, cycle path and then footpath. I have cycled to school, gone shopping all on my bike.
Not once was I involved in an accident or disagreement with a car driver.
There it is. Dutch common sense.

You'll have no arguments from us... 

30 November 2022, 14:15
If the World Cup was pro cycling: Denmark vs Australia

There's a huge Group D clash coming soon at the World Cup, with plenty of cycling crossover to pick from on Procyclingstats.

We're throwing it back to stage 10 of the Tour de France for this one...

World Cup pro cycling (procyclingstats)

Dennis, Porte, Matthews, Durbridge, Plapp vs Pedersen, Asgreen, Cort, Vingegaard, Kragh Andersen. It's a five-up TTT for a place in the last 16... 

30 November 2022, 12:21
🚨Piers Corbyn doing Piers Corbyn things🚨
Piers Corbyn drives home from Oxford council meeting (credit - Simon MacMichael)

Look who Simon spotted out on his travels last night... coming home from important political business no doubt...

> Piers Corbyn tells councillors "man-made climate change does not exist"… then drives home in beat-up '90s Vauxhall Cavalier

Ah right, never mind...

30 November 2022, 12:03
British Cycling's advent calendar announcement doesn't go to plan...

Go back to the earlier post to see the joke I'm very smug about. I should probably grow up and act my age, but hey, sometimes it's fun being a wilful idiot...

Anyway, I wasn't the only whose first instinct was to have a laugh at British Cycling's expense...

30 November 2022, 12:01
Aero road bike helmets: 6 of the BEST in 2022
30 November 2022, 11:16
"It will be a special edition": Remco Evenepoel announces Giro d'Italia bid
30 November 2022, 10:31
Tour de France ditches Paris final stage, 2024 edition will finish in Nice
Tour de france cyclists stage 21 2015 - A.S.O._Aurelien_Vialatte

[📷: ASO/Aurelien Vialatte]

BIG news from Italy this morning as La Gazzetta dello Sport's famous pink pages include a story suggesting it is confirmed — the Tour de France is moving away from its traditional Paris procession.

The Tour de France has never finished anywhere other than the French capital, but will end in Nice for the first time in 2024. The decision is due to the Olympic Games, which will be held in Paris from July 26 to August 11, just five days after the 21st stage, meaning with logistical demands stretched Le Tour will visit the Med instead.

Champs Elysees (CC licensed by Andrew Sides via Flickr)

[📷: Andrew Sides]

Next year's edition will begin in the Basque Country, with 2024 starting in Florence, and the historic Piazzale Michelangelo more specifically. Stage one of 2024's race will end in Rimini, the city where Marco Pantani tragically died in 2004 before stage two starts in his birthplace — Cesenatico.

For all the info on next year's race check out Ryan's in-depth preview...

30 November 2022, 10:01
The wait for comments begins...

5p off per litre at all Shell petrol stations? Sorry, couldn't resist...

30 November 2022, 09:50
Could be worse, Jeremy...
Cycle lane portaloo (Al Ó Baoighill Facebook)

Who remembers this classic of the 'why cyclists don't use cycle lanes' genre?

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