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Magic roundabout or tragic roundabout? New "novelty" cycling roundabout hasn't gone down well; Cyclist maps 109-mile Father Christmas Strava art across Paris; New bike day; Ride with Remco (virtually) + more on the live blog

It's the start of a new live blog week... Dan Alexander will be getting things up and running this Monday morning, with editor Jack Sexty dipping in throughout the day...
05 December 2022, 16:41
When you miss the joke...
05 December 2022, 15:55
What the very expensive novelty cycling giftin' what now?!?!
campagnolo corkscrew gold screenshot

Yes that is Campagnolo's famous and already quite cliché and very expensive corkscrew, and yes it is now covered in gold. We won't give you the price just yet, you will have to wait for the full story for that I'm afraid... 

05 December 2022, 15:23
Cycling roundabouts: some more reaction and your thoughts
manchester cycling roundabout (screenshot via Harry Gray)
(Harry Gray)

The court of public opinion hasn't been too kind to Manchester's new cycling roundabout since we first saw it last night. Has that changed? To cut a long story short: na, not really. 

HLaB said: "With that cycleabout or whatever they want to call it, do they honestly think abled bodied Folks won't follow their desire lines and cross to the middle or go round it clockwise? All the design does successfully is to inconvenience the less abled bodied." 

hawkinspeter added: "That roundabout does look unnecessary. The large space in the middle seems unnecessary unless they want to turn it into a mini park with a bench or something. The route round is quite narrow in places - I wonder if that'll cause issues with trikes?" 

Car Delenda Est says: "I'm thinking it's there to allow push and wheelchairs a direct route across rather than making them go around. That said I feel that it would probably be an improvement for everyone if the island had a dropped curb the whole way round."

Any cycle roundabout fans care to add some balance? Keep your comments coming in as always... 

05 December 2022, 15:14
Magic roundabout or tragic roundabout?

Poll Creator

For no rewards, prizes or acknowledgement at all beyond us having a quick glance at the results later if we have time before clocking off, take part in our poll on the idea of cycling roundabouts!

05 December 2022, 14:44
Italian pros remember Davide Rebellin

Formolo, Trentin and Co. shared this pic on Friday, it's couple of days old now but still more than poignant enough for a share. For the latest on the tragic Rebellin story...

> Lorry driver who killed Davide Rebellin reportedly got out of cab, looked at dead cyclist, then drove off

05 December 2022, 14:22
Be a cool kid by training with Remco on Bkool this evening
Remco Evenepoel (via Bkool)
Not an illustration of actual training session

Of course we mean virtually unless you happen to live with the prodigious Belgian, and if you're a current Bkool user or want to hastily sign up to it on a 30-day free trial then the ride will start at 5pm UK time/6pm CET. 

We're told that Remco, who is so talented that he made our prestigious list of footballers who cycle ahead of the World Cup starting last month, will be on his team issue Specialized Tarmac SL7 in 3D during the group training ride, and those joining will also be able to kit themselves out with the same bike and gear using Bkool's new virtual store. 

In one of those polished press statements that we doubt he actually said at all, Remco said': "I am really looking forward to joining my fans on the virtual road on Monday.

"I train a lot of my rollers, and to be able to ride with my fans, who have shown me so much love and support, will be a lot of fun. BKOOL have really taken care of the details, by making my virtual kit and bike available, and I hope everybody is looking forward to riding as much as I am." 

The ride will take place on a virtual version of the Verona time trial at last year's Giro, and you can head over to Bkool to find out more if you fancy it. 

05 December 2022, 14:01
"Thank you Cav": Quick-Step make send-off video for Mark Cavendish as sprinter's future is uncertain

As emosh as this nice little edit is, Cav would probably prefer a place on a World Tour team to go for that Merckx-beating Tour de France stage win, as any chance of him appearing at the 2023 Tour looks to be slim right now. 

As we reported on Saturday, the boss of the B&B Hôtels-KTM team that Cavendish was rumoured to be joining next season told current riders they were free to look for work elsewhere, after "main stakeholders" reportedly pulled out of the project. 

Jérôme Pineau reportedly remains hopeful that a final major sponsor will come on board, but we're hearing this is increasingly unlikely. 

05 December 2022, 11:15
"At best a comedy novelty thing": This "unnecessary" cycling roundabout hasn't gone down well

Drumroll please...

Harry said this interesting infra has popped up in Salford, Greater Manchester, and while "really happy with the rest of the scheme on Trafford Road" he told us the "cycling roundabout seems a bit overkill"...

Some suggested the roundabout aspect seems a bit unnecessary...

Another going as far to say it "has clearly been designed by people who don't know much about bike infrastructure".

Cue the Photoshop...


05 December 2022, 08:57
Cyclist maps 109-mile Father Christmas Strava art across Paris

I doff my (Santa) hat to you once again, Anthony Hoyte...

The Strava artist behind some of the best festive GPS masterpieces has added another to the collection...


Setting off at half four on Saturday morning, Hoyte (the pedalling Picasso) racked up 13 hours of moving time, finishing just after 8pm that evening as he drew the 109-mile long Santa across the French capital. Taken at an average speed of 13km/h presumably due to the quite ridiculous amount of navigation involved, Anthony's 'Pedal-powered Père Noël' burnt him 3,261 calories and amassed 1,129m of climbing.

Hoyte's past works include:

Snowman via anthony Hoyte on Strava.jpg

> Strava artist pedals through London's streets to sketch huge snowman

Strava Anthony Hoyte reindeer art - via strava.PNG

> Cyclist Anthony Hoyte creates epic reindeer Strava art

Anthony Hoyte
Anthony Hoyte

That's a lot of brilliant hours planning routes... now go hit that kudos button...

05 December 2022, 09:52
BEAT the wind: 7 route planning hacks for better road bike rides
05 December 2022, 09:41
New bike day


05 December 2022, 09:42
Weekend round-up: Bike thieves hit TikTok; Cav's future uncertain; Your next home trainer?; Tech of the Week + more

Ah Monday...

If you switched off your devices all weekend in favour of I don't know, God forbid, actually going for a bike ride, here's what you might have missed...

TikTok account gloats about stealing bikes using bolt cutters in Runcorn, Cheshire (TikTok,

> "Lock it, still lose it": TikTok account gloats about stealing bikes from school

Back on Cavwatch and things don't look great, with sources this weekend saying the Manx Missile "100 per cent" won't ride for Jérôme Pineau's controversial B&B Hôtels project, which appears to be on the brink of implosion due to lack of funding...

Wahoo Kickr Smart Trainer v6

> REVIEW: Wahoo Kickr Smart Trainer v6

Two MPs have urged their fellow politicians at Westminster who support active travel to "practise what they preach" by calling for the UK to emulate the likes of Germany and Denmark by installing more "secure, accessible and sufficient" cycle parking on the parliamentary estate.

2022 Dec 3 Tech of the Week (1)

> Following huge investment, is Classified's front mech-killing Powershift system really going to take over? Plus the £15,000 3T/Lamborghini collab and more from Rapha, Zéfal, GripGrab...

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