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Cyclist attacked in broad daylight by two naked men in 'bizarre' incident

It is unclear exactly why the pair decided to attack the cyclist..

A cyclist was knocked off his bike and assaulted by two naked men during a bizarre unprovoked attack in London.

Shocking footage shows the cyclist waiting at some traffic lights when the pair walk out of Elephant and Castle tube station.

One is wearing a pair of white boxers, while the other is completely naked.

The pair then cross the road, apparently oblivious to surprised onlookers, before they kick the cyclist off his bike.

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The two are then seen casually walking on to the other side of the road as if nothing  happened.

The Met Police told the Mirror officers were called to Walworth Road at 2:30pm on Thursday to a report of two men 'attacking people in the street'.

A spokesperson said: "One was reported to be naked and the other wearing only underpants. Officers attended.

"Two people were found suffering from minor injuries. Both said they had been attacked by two men who then walked off.

"One was allegedly pushed off his bike and the other assaulted.

"The suspects, aged 32 and 26, were located and arrested following a struggle on suspicion of indecent exposure and ABH.

"Both men were taken to hospital under Section 3 of the Mental Health Act and later returned to custody. They were then released under investigation."

The alleged victim said he was going to a client's when he was attacked. 

He added: "I thought it was more of a shove, I didn't realise they took a run up and took a kick.

"I went down and I got back up and then fell over again and actually the traffic, all the traffic, went by and were like 'oh my god what are they terrorists or something?' It was all very strange how it happened."

Guy Strafford-Taylor, who recorded the 'bizarre' incident, said he started filming as he saw the two were "causing a scene".

He said they were 'pushing people and rushing towards people' as he filmed.

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