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"It's just not safe": Cyclist raises alarm after another violent bikejacking on popular route reader Ben was punched to the ground before the two men rode off with his Brompton

A London cyclist was attacked and had his bike taken by two masked men during an ambush on a popular cycle route, not far from the scene of previous similar bikejackings. reader Ben was left bleeding "fairly profusely" after being struck in the nose during the attack and said he had even taken precautions such as not using it at night since reading about other incidents on the South Bermondsey stretch of Cycleway 10, but still became the latest bikejacking victim on Sunday 12 March.

In October, we reported a cyclist had been threatened with a "foot-long knife" during a robbery approximately 300m further along the stretch of C10 where the latest incident occurred. A month earlier graffiti warning cyclists of attacks was sprayed on the entrance to the section past Millwall Football Club's The Den stadium, just a couple of minutes away from this incident too.

Graffiti warning cyclists on C10 (credit - Karl Thomas, Facebook)

Now, Ben says he and his girlfriend will be "avoiding it alltogether", saying the route "just isn't safe" as "the reasons that make it a great cycle route are the same reasons it makes a great place for theft".

"It just isn't safe," he told "I just want to warn other people from using it altogether, especially if using a semi-fancy bike, just to prevent the same thing from happening again. The only time I believe it might be safe is on the commute, when the route is busy, but even then I don't think safety can be guaranteed."

Having left his girlfriend's flat in nearby Deptford Foundry at around 10.15am, Ben rode his Brompton through Folkestone Gardens to the Surrey Canal Road to then join C10, passing Millwall Football Club and South Bermondsey Station.

C10 South Bermondsey (TfL/Google Maps)

He described the route as "medium busy" but there had been a lull in cycle traffic for a couple of minutes when he crossed the bridge over the A2208, rode into Stubbs Drive and made the turn into Rossetti Road.

"I was met by two men in tracksuits — just by Da Vinci Court (one black tracksuit, one all turquoise tracksuit), hoods up and face coverings on — all I could see were their eyes," he explained.

"There was no way of pre-empting running into them, or being able to avoid them — it was as if they knew this was the perfect corner to wait around and that I was on my way on a Brompton, which seem to be targeted, and with no other cyclists around me.

"I tried to cycle around them but with only five to 10 seconds between turning the corner and running into them, the man in the turquoise tracksuit stepped into my way as I tried to avoid them and then either punched or used his forearm to connect with my nose and mouth which then forced me and my bike to the ground.

"As the man in the black tracksuit grabbed my bike, the man in the turquoise tracksuit stood over me to intimidate me to make sure I wasn't getting up. Given the force of the hit, I was fairly dazed — so didn't even think of getting up.

"The man who took my bike cycled down Rossetti Road towards Sheppard Drive, while the man who stood over me ran down Stubbs Drive and back towards South Bermondsey Station.

"I was left on the ground, my nose bleeding fairly profusely (think kill bill) and not able to call the police myself as there was so much blood on my phone."

Having walked for a couple of minutes and sought help from two women, the police were called and "one of their first comments was 'oh, this happens a lot around here'."

"They are fully aware of the problem," Ben said. "They also told me that they knew that this was the perfect place for this kind of ambush — given there is no through-traffic, few pedestrians and enough places to escape to.

"The police looked around for CCTV, took a statement, took the bike model, but I'm pretty certain there isn't much else that can be done and I'm fully expecting my bike to never be returned."

Last autumn another local cyclist told us he has "stopped cycling into work entirely" due to fears that he will be targeted by muggers after he saw "men in balaclavas watching cyclists on the route on multiple occasions".

"I've heard about this happening via multiple sources for months and the police absolutely can't be bothered," Euan told us.

In August, a member of the Lewisham Cyclists Facebook group reported that a female cyclist was attacked and had her bike stolen by "two men in balaclavas" in the same area. 

"I was pushed off my bike and robbed by boys in masks a couple of years ago near that route," another female cyclist said.

By September the situation had become so bad that a graffitied warning of thefts and robberies on the route was daubed on the entrance to one section.

Dan is the news editor and has spent the past four years writing stories and features, as well as (hopefully) keeping you entertained on the live blog. Having previously written about nearly every other sport under the sun for the Express, and the weird and wonderful world of non-league football for the Non-League Paper, Dan joined in 2020. Come the weekend you'll find him labouring up a hill, probably with a mouth full of jelly babies, or making a bonk-induced trip to a south of England petrol station... in search of more jelly babies.

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eburtthebike | 1 year ago
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Commiserations to the victims.

I'm slightly surprised that the Met hasn't advised people to add a stab vest to the helmet and hi-viz.

Rendel Harris | 1 year ago

I've been avoiding that path for a while now (I don't want to sound wise after the event but for years I thought it would be the perfect place for muggings/bike thefts); there are gates which allow police to close the path on Millwall match days, given that there are now excellent cycle routes in place nearby perhaps it's time to close it permanently, or at least between sunset and sunrise? I don't like the thought of losing any infrastructure but the nature of that path means it is impossible to police unless they had an officer on permanent patrol there.

ciudilo replied to Rendel Harris | 1 year ago

The mugging happened further from the stadium path.

OldRidgeback | 1 year ago
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While I don't want to do victim blaming here I should point out that for London commuting, I use my old clunker. It's grubby and a bit rusty in places, though there are some good bits hidden under the crud. I keep my good bike for other stuff.

A couple of people I know have been mugged for their road bikes recently. One was pretty close to there.

I've had bikes stolen before. And I've had some encounters with muggers over the years. These aren't experiences I'd like to repeat.


Neighbours' terror as axe-wielding gang ambush bin lorry and attack crew (




Fignon's ghost | 1 year ago

A Brompton is easy cash for a pub car park.
Anyone using the lane should consider this.
Would you walk down the lane waving a flag made up of a thousand pounds in cash?
That's what you're all doing when you cycle your fancy roller skate through Bermondsey and alike.
Stay clear unless you're on a Delboy. Or there are many of you.

a1white replied to Fignon's ghost | 1 year ago

On the facebook group for lewisham cyclists, where this was posted, another cyclist was also tagetted a few weeks earlier, at virtually the same location, for a Decathlon bike. Others have also been targetted in the past for all sorts of bikes. Don't blame the victims, cycling a popular designated cycle route, for choosing a dodgy area and having a fancy bike. Truth is, the alternatives are busy main roads. This won't mean the people new to cycling, who have been using this route, will go along busy main roads. They'll just stop cycling.

Fignon's ghost replied to a1white | 1 year ago
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I'm not blaming the cyclist. Far from it. The reason the crime is being committed is due to the value of the bike in a pub car park. It's worth the risk and it pays well. It is what it is.
Ride together or change route through a busy location. The crims will be back. It's their hood. They'll have spotters on site. There are resources readily available to the thieves. Be aware.

a1white | 1 year ago

I'm suprised I didn't witness this. I cycled through here at about 10.40am on that day.  So sorry to hear what happened to Ben and it's scary to think I was minutes away from it happening to me (if they'd have bothered with my old steel road bike). I'm avoiding this route from now on. it's not just the Millwall path, it's the roads leading up to it also. To think this happened at that time on a Sunday is ridiculous and clearly the Met are unable to do anything about it. This was such a good route for the reasons it is now a target (no through traffic, quiet roads).

Safifi | 1 year ago

It's the Met, don't ask.



brooksby | 1 year ago


"They are fully aware of the problem," Ben said. "They also told me that they knew that this was the perfect place for this kind of ambush — given there is no through-traffic, few pedestrians and enough places to escape to.

Erm - so what are they doing about it??

HoarseMann replied to brooksby | 1 year ago
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brooksby wrote:

Erm - so what are they doing about it??

Targeted patrols is the response:

a1white replied to HoarseMann | 1 year ago

Why is it just classed as "Burgalry and theft"? These are violent attacks, it should be given more priority. I've cycled this route quite a lot (in the past now) and never seen any police patrols.

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