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Teenage cyclist’s face slashed by car occupants after collision

Victim was subjected to a series of attacks, say South Yorkshire Police who have issued an e-fit of the suspect

 A teenage cyclist had his face slashed by occupants of a car following a collision, say South Yorkshire Police, who have issued an e-fit of a woman they want to speak to in connection with a series of attacks on him.

The first assault happened on Thursday 26 August at 0035 hours when the victim, an 18-year-old man, was involved in a collision  with a gold-coloured BMW M4 on Athorpe Road, Dinnington.

Police say that the occupants of the vehicle got out and assaulted the youth, cutting his face with a knife, and he sustained what were described as “minor injuries.”

The following day, Friday 27 August, the young man – this time on foot –  was again approached by occupants of a gold BMW M4 as well as a charcoal coloured Vauxhall Corsa.

Threats were made towards him, and a woman who had been in the BMW slashed his face with a knife.

The following week, at 1245 hours on Wednesday1 September, the victim was walking on Athorpe Road when he was approached by a woman driving a charcoal coloured Vauxhall Corsa.

She is said to have made several threats towards him before driving off towards Church Lane.

Police say that they have conducted extensive enquiries to try and track down the people involved, and wish to speak to the woman pictured in the e-fit.

Anyone with information is requested to contact police on 101 quoting crime reference number 14/131023/21.

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Owd Big 'Ead | 2 years ago
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Ah, Dinington, in the Socialist Republic of South Yorkshire.

By the sounds of it, still a shit-hole?

Sorry, but this isn't a cycling story, more one of the many local village idiots in the area, keeping up appearances.

markieteeee replied to Owd Big 'Ead | 2 years ago

I worked there around 1999 when petrol prices shot up to about 75p a litre and in Dinnington they didn't put them up. They remained around 58p a litre which was even cheap before the prices escalated. I supposed that maybe they were pricing due to poverty in the area but always wondered how they managed it and also, being so close to the M1 and Worksop Road, how it didn't lead to a flow of traffic from neighbouring towns or the motorway to take advantage.

Sniffer replied to markieteeee | 2 years ago

Money laundering?

eburtthebike replied to Sniffer | 2 years ago

Sniffer wrote:

Money laundering?

So much easier with these plastic notes that don't fall apart on the spin cycle.

cbrndc | 2 years ago

When are the police going to wake up to the fact that violence against cyclists is a real threat and not regarded in the same way as and argument between two motorists (although that's bad enough)

Secret_squirrel replied to cbrndc | 2 years ago

because the context for this story suggests that the fact that he was on a bike may not have been actually related to this incident?

wycombewheeler replied to Secret_squirrel | 2 years ago

Secret_squirrel wrote:

because the context for this story suggests that the fact that he was on a bike may not have been actually related to this incident?

Exactly, I've come across some pretty irate drivers when they percieve I've been holding them up on my bike, but I've never had any of them hunt me down the following day when I was without my bike to continue the altercation.

Jimmy Ray Will | 2 years ago

Am I missing something? The perpetrators clearly know who the victim is, in order to be continuing the attacks so regularly. How come the victim is seemingly so completely in the dark as to who his attackers are? 

And three attacks in, I'd hope the police were taking things seriously enough to be looking at CCTV to ID the motorvehicle. If that vehicle is not legally registered to anyone, then surely an ANPR warrant on the vehicle wouldn't be out of question.

Instead, we are asking the women's connections to snitch on her... good luck with that. 

brooksby replied to Jimmy Ray Will | 2 years ago

My thoughts, too.  Possible that the victim is 'linked' to the aggressors in some way, and on that basis I'm surprised that they even got the police involved.

(Yes, I know I'm victim blaming.  I'm just having a bit of a Suspicious Day).

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