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Has Zwift had its day? Plus RideLondon's U-turn on THAT 22mph speed limit on the Podcast

With the lockdown indoor cycling boom well and truly over, we discuss the future of virtual cycling platforms and their continued success... oh, and that thing about that little sportive down south

After Zwift announced it was laying off 150 staff and "pausing" plans for a smart bike last week, there were rumblings over whether this and some trouble in Wahoo's camp was pointing to a decline in the popularity of indoor cycling and the software that has transformed it in the last few years. It's one of two topics on episode 25 of the Podcast in association with our brand new sponsors Laka, with the other one being some rather controversial goings-on ahead of the new RideLondon Essex next Sunday. 


Ok, so we'll go right ahead with a spoiler and answer the question the headline is asking... none of us actually think Zwift has 'had its day' as such, but perhaps its place at the top of the virtual cycling tree could be under threat if an even more sophisticated rival swooped in. It's this - plus where we're currently at with indoor cycling in general - that's up for debate, with myself, Dave Atkinson and John Stevenson joining George to discuss. 


There was uproar when it appeared the organisers of RideLondon were planning to set a speed limit of 22mph on the front of the race last week, something they have now backtracked on and claimed was an 'error' after feeling the wrath of many cyclists who were signed up to the event, thinking they could ride it at whatever pace they wanted.

Although the organisers have seen sense, is it worrying that anyone involved may have thought this was a good idea in the first place? We'll be hoping all of our fears are unfounded and the event goes ahead without incident... 

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Smoggysteve | 2 years ago
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Zwift will always be useful to some be it those with little time to ride outdoor or those who follow strict workout plans etc, but I think since many more people have bought disc brake bikes they realise it's easy to continue riding outside in all weathers safely. So if you can ride in the wind as bad rain in autumn and winter why do you need a Zwift subscription? I cancelled mine before Xmas and I'm happy to ride in all but snow and ice. But if I have to ride indoors there are plenty of free alternatives. It wont kill it but it's lost its mass appeal to a certain extent.

Also,  it's biggest fault is its failure to evolve much. It's barely changed since it first came out and it can be dull. There is some serious competition now. Rouvy is far and above it in usability. 

CXR94Di2 | 2 years ago

It's the seasonal lull as riders do far more outdoor riding now the weather has improved.

Meanwhile I'm competing in the Zwift's WRTL finals this weekend. 😁

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