Feature packed road styled lid that's light on your head and light on your pocket

What a lot, of features the Bell Array has (you meet even say an array… if you liked lame puns) but possibly the best of them is its adjustability – I could even get it to fit my weirdly shaped cranium, a challenge not all helmets are up to.

The Twin Axis Gear (TAG) fit allows for both vertical and horizontal adjustment which is ideal for the width of my head. The internal moulding made for a comfortable fit while at the same time provided excellent road specific styling. The micro shell is re-enforced for added strength but with little extra weight, the Array weighs in at a very respectable 268g, only marginally heavier than much more expensive race pedigree lids.

The moulding and inner re-enforcement give the helmet a huge amount of rigidity and strength but without increased bulk.
The Array has 24 vents, designed to get air flowing through the helmet to keep your head cool without drag, these vents push air from front to back and of course contribute to an excellent overall weight.

During testing in the usual mixed conditions of a British Winter I've worn the helmet with ear muffs, cotton cap and buff and all have worked well without overheating on a 17 mile daily round trip. The ventilation channels really assist with cooling the head at high speed and have allowed no cold air in while ambling on the towpath or in traffic. The Array conforms to US and European safety standards and certainly feels secure in position, fitting well even over of my knobbly brow.
The 2009 comes with with cam lock levers for easy push button adjustability with the straps. The strapping and Geared Positioning System (GPS surely this acronym is already taken? - ed) work very well, it's as simple as turning a dial on the back of the helmet.
For those who like helmets specifically styled for the road, namely sleek, not wide with a high rear moulding, this is a great choice that will tick ALL the boxes. Head down, push into the drops and feel the flow. The 2009 Array comes in five colour combinations, suitable for all race kits and any commuting gear.

In short, a great lid for training, commuting or strapping on and hooning around like a pro-racer, comfortable and safe, it’s a helmet that you can almost forget about!


Small – 51-55cm
Medium – 55-59cm
Large – 59-63cm

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Jorden [3 posts] 10 years ago

I have been irregular between two helmets lately: The Array from Bell, and a $190 helmet from another company. While judgment would designate that dropping that extra cash would get you a greatly better helmet, the Array stands up to the more exclusive lid-and in fact, I prefer it.

ourdave [48 posts] 9 years ago

I have just taken delivery of a 2010 Bell Array (size large). The alarm bells started ringing when I picked it up, then increased in volume when I saw the sticker inside claiming a weight of 360g. In fact it is an absolute monster, weighing in at 366g. I have pointed out to Bell the huge discrepancy against their claimed weight of 260g and will wait with interest to see what they say. In the meantime I am sending mine back and would advise caution to those looking to buy this helmet unseen/online. Cheers.