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Naked Bikes Bike Bling



Decent all-finishes detailer with lasting results

Naked Bikes Bike Bling is described as "a tuxedo for your bike". Traditionally, we've had to choose between gloss and matt products, to cater for different finishes, but this can be applied quickly and easily to both, with consistently good, lasting results. That said, it lacks the outright convenience of some motorcycle formulas I default to during winter.

  • Pros: Convenient, lasting results on matt, gloss and satin finishes
  • Cons: Attracts more dirt than waxes

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Bike Bling is described as a non-sticky detailer product, which, as I expected, contains silicone dioxide. Getting the mix right is imperative, since while silicones will nourish rubberised components, they also attract dirt. Unlike polymers and other wax products, they don't hide swirls, scratches and other blemishes and can require more effort to bring out a really deep sheen.

However, they leave behind a protective, water-repelling barrier. Indeed, for optimal results, Naked Bikes recommends applying its Bike Frame Coating Sealant. To date, I've never felt the need to don gloves, but catch some overspray in your eyes and you'll know about it!

The fluid, pump spray consistency means there's less wastage compared with aerosol products. However, the latter's solvent components arguably give them a slight edge, if you're giving relatively clean/dusty bikes a quick blow-over.


Ideally, give bikes a sudsy bike washing and rinse first. In practice, Bike Bling doesn't mind being applied to a slightly damp surface. Either way, give the bottle a vigorous shake, then apply a light film all over the bike(s), minimising contact with contact points. Curiously, there's no such caution around the braking surfaces.

Naked Bikes even suggests it can be applied to brake surfaces, so as to clean the pads. Yes, I had to read that twice, myself. That aside, give it 30-60 seconds before working in, and then buff to a sheen using a microfibre cloth (one is supplied).

In the interests of good hygiene, Naked Bikes also suggest using a separate cloth for frameset and drivetrain/braking components, to avoid cross-contamination. I can see the argument, but provided you've washed the bike first and tackled cranks and mechs, it shouldn't be an issue.


Overall results are what I've come to expect from better detailing products and it's really brought the lustre to gloss, satin and, surprisingly, matt finishes too. These effects have been uniformly good, regardless of paint type – powder coated, 2K, or stove enamels. However, it's particularly apparent on metallics.

Naked Bikes Bike Bling water beading roadcc.JPG

Those without lacquer top coats, including my rough stuff tourer, benefit from a subsequent sealant lacquer, such as Fenwick's Professional Protective Coating.

Carbon composites, helmets, seals and chrome-plastic mudguards also look glossy and youthful. If the past few weeks are anything to go by, Naked Bikes has the silicone component just right. There's enough sheen without attracting dirt or leaving a blotchy effect on matt finishes. Sure, given a few wet rides, there's been a filmy patina around the fork crown, bottom bracket shell and chainstay areas (although the latter has as much to do with wax/emulsion lubes melting in the heat).

I've topped up once, since the bikes in question needed a quick wash. However, judging by the way water beaded up, a tangible and useful barrier remained. Accidental overspray hasn't proved obviously problematic, especially on saddles, and provided you pay attention to braking surfaces before heading out, there shouldn't be any pregnant pauses when you engage the levers. No stickiness or transfer to hands here, either.


Bike Bling has an rrp of £10.99 for 500ml, but is currently discounted to £6.99. As a baseline measure of value, £10 is competitive for this kind of product. My go-to, Pro Green MX After-Shine 101, comes in at £10.99 for a litre but can only be used on satin and gloss finishes. M16 Pro-Finish is £9.98 for 500ml.

Duck Smart Bike Ezee is cheaper at £6.99, and arguably quicker to use since it can be applied to a (relatively) dirty bike.

Arguably, car wash and waxes will also have similar effects and can be bought very cheaply. Good quality Beeswax furniture polish is another thrifty option, one still very popular in motorcycle dealerships.


There are a wealth of detailer type products around, and Bike Bling isn't necessarily streets ahead of some personal favourites, but a little goes a reasonably long way and the results are pleasing and, moreover, lasting.


Decent all-finishes detailer with lasting results

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Make and model: Naked Bikes Bike Bling

Size tested: 500ml

Tell us what the product is for and who it's aimed at. What do the manufacturers say about it? How does that compare to your own feelings about it?

Naked Bikes says: ""Smart, sleek and sophisticated, this premium formula is a tuxedo for your bike. The non-sticky solution provides an exceptional gloss shine for painted surfaces and a smooth matt finish for plastic and rubber."

And lists:

Premium Dressing for Bikes

Use After Cleaning

Gloss Shine on Painted Surfaces

Dresses Plastic / Rubber


Safe on Brake Surfaces

Quick and Easy to Use

I'd say it's an effective and convenient detailer/polish with seemingly lasting results.

Tell us some more about the technical aspects of the product?

I'm told it has a small silicone component.

From Naked Bikes:


Well-dressed in 3 easy steps:

Spray on the whole bike and leave for 30-60 seconds.

Use a clean cloth to wipe into the frame and buff for a lovely gloss finish.

Use a separate cloth to wipe down tyres, wheels, hubs and drivetrain components.

For use on brake surfaces:

Wipe away residue and apply the brakes whilst moving to clean up the pads. Should any residue remain, this will quickly fade when you next ride.


Avoid contact with eyes. If swallowed seek medical attention.

Rate the product for quality of construction:

Seems durable and performs as described.

Rate the product for performance:

Economical and quick to apply, with lasting results.

Rate the product for durability:
Rate the product for value:

On a par with similar detailer products. A little goes reasonably far (further still if applied via clean, dry micro-fibre cloth).

Tell us how the product performed overall when used for its designed purpose

Unlike silicone sprays, the surface attracts nominal dirt and this is easily dismissed with a clean, dry cloth. The protectant layer encourages water to bead up and roll off, while nourishing plastics and rubberised components. Four weeks in, I've only recently introduced a second, thin helping. This coincided with a sudsy bucket deep clean.

Tell us what you particularly liked about the product

Convenient, effective and with lasting results.

Tell us what you particularly disliked about the product

Nothing of particular note. However, detailer type products will always attract more grime than a good quality wax product.

How does the price compare to that of similar products in the market, including ones recently tested on

As a baseline measure of value, £9.99 is competitive for this kind of product. M16 Pro-Finish is £9.98 for 500ml, while Pro Green MX Aftershine 101 comes in at £10.99 for a litre, though it's less versatile so you might need an extra product.

Did you enjoy using the product? Yes

Would you consider buying the product? Yes

Would you recommend the product to a friend? Yes

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It's a versatile detailer that's convenient to use with pleasing, durable results.

Overall rating: 7/10

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