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Vittoria Zaffiro Pro G2.0



Durable tyre with good puncture resistance, although it feels a bit wooden and gives little feedback
Good traction
Puncture resistance
Lacks feedback/feel

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The Vittoria Zaffiro Pro Graphene 2.0 tyre is cheaper than its popular Rubino and more race-orientated Corsa siblings. It is designed as a training or high mileage tyre, but while puncture resistance is good and grip is OK, it lacks much in the way of feedback and feel.

Graphene is something that Vittoria has been using in tyres for a few years now. The claimed benefits are that it improves rubber strength, cut and abrasion resistance, which is good news in a tyre that is designed for distance and durability.

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The Zaffiro Pro is a non-tubeless clincher only model and is available in 25, 28, 30 and 32mm widths. Installation of the 32mm on test was very simple, with no tyre levers needed; inflated to 50psi, the tyre measured 34mm when installed onto a rim with a 21mm internal width.

The recommended pressure range of 45psi to 70psi is generous and should be wide enough for all. As a smaller, reasonably light rider I used the tyre at 50psi for all types of rides, keeping mostly to surfaced roads.

2020  Vittoria Zaffiro Pro 3.jpg

Given the reasonable width and the ability to be run at a lower pressure as a result, the ride is fairly comfortable and there is noticeably less road buzz and vibration compared with a narrower tyre. The tyre has a 60TPI (threads per inch) carcass, so it doesn't provide the most supple of rides, though this is only really noticeable when hitting potholes and square-edged bumps. Ride feel is quite muted, though, and with little feedback I found it took time to trust the tyre, although in fairness I didn't lose grip or feel it slide on any occasion, either traction or cornering.

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As time has passed, my confidence has grown and the level of grip seems quite good, with traction in particular being very good. I have experienced very little slip, even taking on the steepest 25%+ climbs around, and it also manages to grip on mossy green, leaf-covered wet lanes.

The tyre has a deep tread design, and while this isn't needed for water, it does seem to help on those smaller lanes that are often full of debris. I experienced no issues with grip where some tyres, including both gravel and road-specific models, have slipped and struggled.

2020  Vittoria Zaffiro Pro 2.jpg

While the Zaffiro Pro isn't designed to be used as a performance tyre, it hasn't impacted ride speeds significantly, although when fitted to a winter training bike this isn't something that I would really focus on. It has, however, been completely reliable, with no punctures – despite testing when there's been lots of hedge cutting. I'd expect puncture resistance to be a key factor if you're looking for a high mileage tyre, so this is a positive. The tyres have now completed over 450km, most of it in wet conditions on small, rougher roads, and they look excellent with no noticeable wear, cracks or tears evident.

The tyre thickness is generous, which will help, but it also has a double layer of puncture protection. This, along with the width, does add to the overall weight, although it's still reasonable for a fairly budget tyre, with our pair weighing 368g and 395g. This isn't far off others of a similar width, such as the 357g Panaracer T-Serv ProTite, and it's around the same as Giant's Gavia Fondo, which weighed 375g in the 32mm version that Stu tested last year, though that is tubeless. The Giant is also more expensive at £49.99, while the Panaracer is a tenner more.


If you are looking for a hardwearing winter or commuting tyre with good puncture resistance and excellent durability, the Vittoria Zaffiro Pro is a good option. Even at its rrp of just £29.99 it's good value, but you can find it for around £13, which is a real bargain.


Durable tyre with good puncture resistance, although it feels a bit wooden and gives little feedback test report

Make and model: Vittoria Zaffiro Pro G2.0

Size tested: 700 x 32

Tell us what the product is for and who it's aimed at. What do the manufacturers say about it? How does that compare to your own feelings about it?

On a few websites the Zaffiro Pro G2.0 is described as 'a particularly durable folding tyre for road bikes and offers excellent grip even under tough conditions as well as a high durability. With its mixed tread design, this tyre is ideal for all-round use and therefore perfectly suited for your daily commute or training session. The Graphene 2.0 compound provides excellent resistance to cuts and punctures.'

Tell us some more about the technical aspects of the product?

From Vittoria:

Casing: 60 TPI Nylon

SIZE - 700

WIDTH - 32c

ETRTO - 32-622

TIRE BUILD - Foldable bead


COLOR - Full Black


Rate the product for quality of construction:
Rate the product for performance:
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At full rrp it's decent value, but can be found for a lot less if you shop around online.

Tell us how the product performed overall when used for its designed purpose

The Zaffiro is easy to fit and performance is what you would expect of a tyre designed for winter or longer distance riding.

Tell us what you particularly liked about the product

Puncture resistance seems good, which is important for training or long distance tyres. It was also easy to fit and appears to be wearing well with no wear showing after hundreds of kilometres.

Tell us what you particularly disliked about the product

A little lacking in terms of feedback; early on in testing it was difficult to trust the level of grip, though this improved with use.

How does the price compare to that of similar products in the market, including ones recently tested on

It's quite well priced, being puncture resistant and reasonably quick, but does lack feel compared to some other tyres. You pay more for those though: another tenner for the Panaracer mentioned in the review, and £49.99 for the Giant (although it is tubeless).

Did you enjoy using the product? Yes

Would you consider buying the product? Yes, if looking for a reliable winter road tyre, and especially at the prices it can be found for.

Would you recommend the product to a friend? Yes

Use this box to explain your overall score

It seems strong, capable of long distances, and easy to fit, but it's lacking in feel and response. Once you are used to that it is easier to ride, and overall it's a good, reliable tyre.

Overall rating: 7/10

About the tester

Age: 35  Height: 168  Weight: 62

I usually ride:   My best bike is: Cannondale SystemSix

I've been riding for: Over 20 years  I ride: Every day  I would class myself as: Expert

I regularly do the following types of riding: road racing, cyclo cross, sportives, mtb, Lots of gravel style riding

Matt is an endurance nut who loves big rides and big events. He's a former full-time racer and 24hr event specialist, but now is also happy riding off-road on gravel bikes or XC mountain bikes and exploring the mountains and hills of Mid Wales.

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pjozefak | 3 years ago

These have been a horrible disappointment. Bought them at beginning of winter season 2020/2021. Have ridden about 1000km on them. Have had three punctures in front and four in back. Dumped them a couple weeks back as they ride super sluggish and any supposed puncture benefits didn't show up for me. Had nicks all over center area of tire and stones kept lodging in all those cuts, eventually puncturing through. Note I've ridden only road with them. No gravel. I used Conti 4S's for years and thought let me try a cheaper option. Dumb move. I'd steer clear of these. They are just that ..... cheap. 

TheBillder | 3 years ago
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There's a lot of negativity here. At £13, this is very cheap, does everything decently but isn't quite as nice as tyres three times the price. Might not be ok for people in Raphaland but it's certainly of interest to me for winter practicality.

Chris Hayes replied to TheBillder | 3 years ago

...very fair point.  I'm surprised that Vittoria even sells such a product...

wtjs | 3 years ago
1 like

 It has, however, been completely reliable, with no punctures – despite testing when there's been lots of hedge cutting.

I don't believe this! Nothing, except possibly Marathon Plus type tyres, survives 'lots of hedge cutting'. Keeping cycling, as opposed to walking carrying the bike, is a 100% certainty for at least one puncture.

pjozefak replied to wtjs | 3 years ago

I've done just that. On rides where I just can't be bothered to have to change a flat, I have a wheel set in winter with Marathons on it. Yesterday was -6 Celsius and felt like -15. No risks necessary. Marathons give me just that comfort to know a puncture won't get in my way. Ride shit but better than sitting at home not riding or not being able to ride back home when out. 

Prosper0 | 3 years ago

These tend to be supplied as the stock tyres on many mid range bikes to cut costs. They're just fine, but definately don't do a bike justice. 

sammutd88 | 3 years ago

Life's too short to ride shit tyres. 

Pot00000000 replied to sammutd88 | 3 years ago
1 like

So very very true.

ChasP replied to sammutd88 | 3 years ago
sammutd88 wrote:

Life's too short to ride shit tyres. 

What a stupid comment.

These might not be suited to a summer race bike but are perfect for a winter bike or commuter that might go places you wouldn't on your 'best' bike. I've got the tanwall 32mm version (from Merlin £12.99) and they're great for crappy lanes and even light gravel use while being surprisingly fast on smooth tarmac. Expensive tyres don't suit every situation and not all bargain tyres are shit.

Manchestercyclist replied to ChasP | 3 years ago
1 like

Ise them on my commuter and they're fine. rarely get a pucture and I find them supple enough on the fairly poor surface. Maybe it was a flippant comment though rather than stupid in my opinion, it's only a tyre after all.

sammutd88 replied to ChasP | 3 years ago

That's your choice. These are bottom of the barrel, and they don't excel in anything other than being cheap. Appreciate the unwarranted aggression though, enjoy your Zaffiros, I'll enjoy my Corsa Controls (that don't puncture on gravel either). 

Simon E replied to sammutd88 | 3 years ago
sammutd88 wrote:

These are bottom of the barrel, and they don't excel in anything other than being cheap. Appreciate the unwarranted aggression though, enjoy your Zaffiros, I'll enjoy my Corsa Controls (that don't puncture on gravel either).

Horses for courses, no need to get so defensive. I don't see any aggression from ChasP.

Have you tried these tyres? Clearly they aren't the same as the standard Zaffiro. I'd expect them to last a lot longer on my local mucky, hawthorn-lined and pothole-strewn lanes than your Corsa Controls. I don't know about you but for commuting I'll run heavier, less responsive tyres if it means there's less chance of getting a puncture at 6pm on a cold, wet winter evening 9 miles from home.

RobD replied to sammutd88 | 3 years ago
1 like

Agreed, I've seen a lot of people with expensive bikes and wheels putting cheap dull feeling tyres on them. Some decent tyres are going to make it much more pleasant to ride.

These might be fine for some situations, but considering some of the Rubino tyres etc that aren't a lot more, last nearly as long and ride much more pleasantly I'd rather spend that little bit more.

lesterama replied to sammutd88 | 3 years ago

I agree. I rode crap tyres when I was young and skint. A good tyre is pure joy.

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