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Sort your saddle position and angle with Morgaw app

How to easily change your saddle angle and position with this handy app

There’s an app for everything these days. The latest cycling-specific app is this one from saddle brand Morgaw, which aims to help you record and replicate saddle angle and setback position, useful if you’re changing your saddle or experimenting with your position on the bike.

The app is called “Saddle Adjust” and is intended to help you record the position and angle of a saddle. With a default setting recorded, you can then experiment with its fore-aft position and angle, and use the app to record changes as you make changes. If you decide you don’t like the changes, you can easily put the saddle back into its original position.

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“We should make observations about saddle tilt and setback, whether the saddle “feels” good to us when it’s placed in a horizontal position or pointing slightly upwards or downwards and whether it’s providing sufficient support. Trying new saddle positions and getting back to the original settings is demanding and it has always required specialised tools and equipment,” says the company. 

Morgaw Saddle Adjust 3.jpg

The app can also be useful if changing saddles, as it can store three different saddle angles and positions. It can also store a photo of the saddle position which is useful if you decide you don’t get on with you new saddle and want to go back to your previous saddle but can’t remember how you had it set up. It should also useful if upgrading the seatpost and you want to ensure the saddle is in the same position as before the change.

What the app doesn't do is provide suggestions for the right position and angle for your bike. For that, you'll down to simple experimentation or getting a professional bike fit.

It’s not a free app, though, Morgaw costs $0.99 on iOS and £0.84 on Google Play. More info at

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Anthony.C | 7 years ago

It's really no better than any of the other spirit levels you can download, except you can save the angle which is in very tiny writing.

ped | 7 years ago

I actually used the iPhone 'spirit level' to sort out my saddle angle last time I needed to do so. This seems a really nice upgrade to that, and well worth the small price.

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