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Ribble Cycles updates Endurance disc-equipped road bike for 2017

Redesigned carbon fibre frame for Ribble's disc-equipped endurance model

​​Ribble Cycles, the Preston-based bike brand with a reputation for smartly designed and affordable road bikes, has just released details of its new Endurance model for 2017. 

Whilst retaining the key features of the original bike, including the disc brakes, space for 25mm tyres and relaxed geometry, the new model gets an updated carbon fibre frame. There’s now an aerodynamically shaped seat tube and seat post, which the company tells us “brings an aero flare without bringing the stiffness of a full aero road bike.”

There’s more. The rear triangle has been completely changed to an asymmetric design. That means different tube shaping and carbon layup on either side of the frame, and is intended to provide better stiffness and prevent the twisting forces when laying down the power. It’s a common design feature, Pinarello uses it on their Tour-winning Dogma F8, so Ribble is in good company.

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ribble endurance 2017 4.png

More than just boosting frame stiffness, the other reason for the redesigned rear triangle is also to better deal with the forces generated by the disc brakes the Endurance is specced with. 

“Disc brakes exert uneven loads on frames in comparison to centrally mounted traditional caliper brakes. Both the frame and fork have to be engineered to sustain the loads put through them by the stresses generated under heavy braking load,” explains the company.

As you’d expect from a bike called Endurance, the geometry is more relaxed and the wheelbase longer than one of Ribble’s race bikes, but it’s not in the same ballpark as other popular endurance bikes. 

A size large (of five sizes) has a 983.3mm wheelbase, which is closer to some race bikes, and at 150mm the head tube is not that tall for a bike pegged for long distance comfort riding.

Wider tyres are common on endurance bikes, the bigger volume allowing lower pressures to provide more comfort and traction. We’re seeing the width of tyres really go up, where previously 25mm was seen as wide now 28mm is almost standard, and many consumers want to go even wider, hence the popularity of adventure and gravel bikes. In this regard the Endurance is rather limited, only taking 25mm tyres.

ribble endurance 2017 3.jpg

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The Ribble Endurance uses conventional quick release axles. While thru-axles are gaining traction to the point of almost being standard on high-end disc-equipped road bikes, but at lower prices, regular quick releases are a common choice.

Other details to mention include the fully internal cable routing and tapered head tube. There are also no mudguard mounts.

James Dove, Product and Brand Director for Ribble says of the new bike: “The Endurance was a well-received model and an early adopter of disc brakes. The latest version has been brought up to date as brake standards continue to develop and evolve; what we have now is the perfect companion for your long distance or sportive challenge.”

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The Endurance starts at £1,099 with a Shimano Tiagra build, but the company’s nifty Bike Builder allows you to easily tailor the build to suit your budget. Take a closer look at

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