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Canyon reveals kids’ bike range

Direct-to-consumer brand unveils three bike lineup for children

Canyon has revealed its first ever range of aluminium kids’ bikes aimed at children aged from three years old.

The range comprises three models: the Offspring AL 16 (below), the Offspring AL 20 (two pics down) and the Grand Canyon AL 24 (main pic).


“A key goal behind the development was to create actual mountain bikes for kids that are supposed to be ridden off-road,” says Canyon. 

“As such, the range comes complete with hydraulic disc brakes, through axles and geared drivetrains.”

Those gear systems are:
• Offspring AL 16: 2-speed SRAM Automatix hub shifting
• Offspring AL 20 and Grand Canyon AL 24: 1x9 SRAM X4


“Geometry also plays a major role in delivering a smooth and stable ride with low standover heights on all frames for added confidence,” says Canyon.

“We set out to raise the bar with technically advanced, modern engineered mountain bikes packed with features to have children riding with control, confidence and comfort. Put simply, these are the bikes we wish we could have ridden when we were growing up.”

The bikes have size-specific saddles and narrow soft rubber handlebar grips that lock in place.


Canyon equips all three models with short reach SRAM Level hydraulic disc brakes. 

“Kids don’t brake with one finger like adults, so moving the levers to a wider position on the bars improves their accessibility and makes it easier for two or three-finger braking,” says Canyon.

The new bikes will be on show – and available for children to test ride – at the Berliner Fahrradschau that we’re attending this weekend (3–5 March), so we’ll take a good look at them there. 

Check out our story on what to expect at the Berlin Bike Show here


As you can see, the front wheel of the Offspring AL16 (above) is larger than the rear wheel. The front is 18 inch and the rear is 16 inch. 

“When dealing with small 16 inch wheels, maintaining momentum over any rough surface becomes a real issue, specifically for the leading front wheel,” says Canyon.

“To counter this, we developed the O spring AL 16 to take an 18 inch front wheel to help boost rollover performance. It’s a theory that’s been doing the rounds in mountain biking for a few years, and for the smallest riders, it really works.” 

Go to's children’s bike reviews. 

The prices are:

• Offspring AL 16 £449

• Offspring AL 20 £599

• Grand Canyon AL 24 £699

You also have to pay the shipping charge.

For more information on Canyon’s new children’s range, go to

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ClubSmed | 6 years ago

This new range are going to be at the Scottish Cycling Running and Outdoorpursuits show (bit of a mouthfull) this weekend, as will I and my 6 year old daughter so I am looking forward to checking them out.

KiwiMike | 6 years ago

Price-wise these are OK. These are likely to resell 1-2 years on for about 70% of RRP - as do Islabikes and Frogs. So you're looking at maybe £150 over two years to give your child an awesome riding experience. Or, the price of a single decent dinner out. Or a couple of quid a week.

Noting Islabike spotted this high-end segment 6 months ago - Canyon will have had these in development in parallel, so they aren't just copying. Many kids will not need the features these bikes bring, like hydro discs. Choice is good. Until now, if your 8-10yo wanted to go really hard in rough terrain, their only choice was a rim-braked bike or a disc one with adult-spec components.

Good on Canyon for evolving the market - it's been underserved for years.



Yorkshire wallet | 6 years ago

I see they appear to aiming for the teenage girl dirt jumper market. Massive untapped market there...

TypeVertigo | 6 years ago

Mildly interesting that the front wheel/tire combo of the Offspring 16 is actually 18".

I have no idea about how hard those are to find in the UK, but where I'm from, they're just not available in the shops. As far as folding bike tire sizes go, 18" is rather obscure, although Germany seems to like it (e.g. Birdy has 18" folders).

PaulBox | 6 years ago
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Now taking orders for Christmas delivery...

Christopher TR1 | 6 years ago

Dissappointed to see the weight of the smallest model is 8.2kg. Not just because I'm a self-confessed weight weenie but because I've seen my daughter struggle with a 9kg steel Puky which we've borrowed.

An Isla bike for her is going to be under 6kg, which shows they have used tubing & components specific to the rider requirements & I reckon that 3+kg is going to make a huge difference. I will be getting one in the spring.

Now, can I get a Garmin Edge in pink? And where are the Strava age groups for kids?!

The _Kaner replied to Christopher TR1 | 6 years ago

Christopher TR1 wrote:

Now, can I get a Garmin Edge in pink? And where are the Strava age groups for kids?!


You can get silicone covers for the Garmins....cheeky

RobD | 6 years ago

They seem really smart, and I imagine they'd hold their value pretty well, especially with some decent level equipment on them. The kid in the AL 20 picture is far too cool for school

davel | 6 years ago

'But daddy, why didn't Santa bring me a bike for Christmas..? Was I naughty...?'

'Look Johnny, I've spoken to Santa, who's spoken to Canyon UK, who've spoken to Canyon in Germany, who've f*cked up a SAS upgrade and lost your order. I'll buy you a frog in the sales, if Canyon process my refund. Merry Christmas.'

Stef Marazzi | 6 years ago

At those prices, I think Frog and Islabikes will continue to do well. Those prices are insane.

cdamian replied to Stef Marazzi | 6 years ago
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cyclesteffer wrote:

At those prices, I think Frog and Islabikes will continue to do well. Those prices are insane.

Similar bikes from Islabike seem to cost the same though:

It is still probably not for everyone to spend this kind of money on a bike the kids will grow out of after two years.

othello replied to Stef Marazzi | 6 years ago

cyclesteffer wrote:

At those prices, I think Frog and Islabikes will continue to do well. Those prices are insane.

As someone mentioned above, the prices are about right for the spec. The Canyon 24" is cheaper than the Islabikes Creig 24, though the spec isn't the same. 

Yu cannot compare the Frog range, or the Islabike Benin to these though. The Canyon range are proper MTBs, where as the others are not. 

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