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WTB launches Byway 650x47 Road Plus tyre for dirt and gravel riding

New 650b tyre is intended for riders who prioritise dirt and gravel yet find themselves on paved roads

WTB has gotten right behind the resurgence of the 650b tyre standard, pitching it as a Road Plus tyre for those cyclists wanting smoother road on mostly road-based rides but with the capability to tackle dirt and gravel. It has just launched the new Byway, a tyre “intended for riders who prioritise dirt and gravel yet find themselves on paved roads to get there,” says the company.

The new Byway builds on the existing Horizon by combining a slick centre section with more substantial shoulder knobs, extending down the sidewall for added rock strike protection. A diamond-shaped tread provides a transition from the shoulder knobs to the smooth centre section. 

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wtb byway1.jpg

The idea is to provide a tyre that offers better capability on dirt and gravel. The shoulder knobs will provide a little more cornering traction in looser terrain, whether that’s dirt or fine gravel. WTB has used a dual compound rubber to provide the best balance of grip and durability. ​

It’s a 47mm wide tyre and WTB says it provides the same outside diameter as a 30mm tyre on a 700c rim, yet you’re benefiting from a much bigger tyre volume, so lower pressures can be run for a smoother ride with less worry about pinch flatting in the rough. Like the Horizon, it’s a tubeless-ready tyre and weighs a claimed 535g. 

It’s an interesting development and we hope to get our hands on a pair for testing soon. 

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Luv2ride | 6 years ago
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So, given the item states it has the "same outside diameter as a 30mm tyre on a 700cc rim", what's to stop me running these with a 650b wheelset (from Hunt) on my Arkose single speed  (soon to be converted to 1x11)?  The frame has clearance for big tyres and currently succesfully run 40mm tubeless Nano's, which come up at 42mm on my wide 700cc rims...

EDIT: unfortunately looks like I can't use these on my Arkose as it's a 2016 model. Apparently the 2017 frames have sufficient clearance but mine doesn't. Ar$E!  Can't see me raising funds for a £3k Bokeh anytime soon indecision

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