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Bkool release two new smart trainers

The new releases includes the radical-looking Smart Air, a direct drive trainer with a built-in power meter and a rocking system for more realistic pedalling

The Smart Air is the most advanced trainer Bkool have ever produced and has a number of stand-out technical features, not to mention its looks. 

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It can simulate gradients up to 20%, and has advanced controls for a realistic user experience. Bkool have made a lot of noise about the lack of noise, claiming the Smart Air is one of the quietest on the planet - it produces only 41 decibels at 35km/h, and 51 decibels at 50km/h. 

bkool air 2.png

The Smart Air also allows for a side-to-side rocking motion, first seen on Kurt Kinetic's Rock and Roll trainer, and the built-in power meter is accurate up to 2000 watts. It's ANT+ and Bluetooth Smart compatible so you can link it up with all your favourite indoor training apps and feed data through your GPS head unit too. Bkool say set-up is super easy and you can just plug and go, with no need for calibration. 



bkool smart 2.jpg

​Bkool's latest foldable, wheel-on trainer is a little louder (68db at 35km/h, yet still quieter than an average conversation apparently) but a more portable and less expensive option than the Smart Air, weighing in at less than 11kg. It has a power limit of 1,200 watts, is adjustable to fit any wheel from 20-29" and has a similarly easy set-up with no calibration needed.  


The Smart Pro 2 is available to buy now at £499, while the Smart Air can be reserved for an expected October delivery with a price of £1,099 - this also includes a free three-month subscription to Bkool's premium Simulator training app. 



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Flewbags | 6 years ago

All very nice & flash, but perhaps more time & effort into sorting out their "flaky" software would be more useful!

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