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Cycling app of the week: Better Bike Light

This Android-only app turns your phone in to either an emergency front or rear light, useful if you're caught out with flat batteries

What is it?

Ever forgotten to charge your light and it’s gone flat on your way home? This app gives you a useful solution in this situation, allowing you to turn your phone into either a front or back light. You need a flashlight on your phone for the front light settings to work, and it requires access to your camera to control it. The back light actually just takes over your main phone screen, turning it into flashing red arrows that are surprisingly bright and visible. This is also adaptive, so when you're slowing down it will hold steady like a brake light. You can also use a bluetooth headset to indicate turns so you needn't take your hands off the handlebars.

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better bike light 2.png

How can it help me?

Obviously, this app could get you out of a pickle if one of your lights has gone flat on the way home. In the photo above we see the phone mounted to a flat rear light inside a clear case, which brings us to its main shortfall... you'd think cyclists who are prone to memory lapses by not charging their lights might not always carry the necessary equipment to do this! I found it is visible enough to be seen through a clear rain jacket in a back pocket though, and with the brake light and bluetooth turn indicators, perhaps it's good enough to be a viable replacement for a back light in some cases. The front light option is more readily useable providing you have a phone mount fitted to your bike. 

What makes it unique?

While there are other apps that turn your phone into a torch, this is the first we've seen that also has a back light option. It's impressively visible but as previously mentioned, you'll have to be organised enough in the first place to find somewhere to mount or carry it. There are multiple front light modes, making this a pretty comprehensive replacement for a flat light when needs must. 

Where can I get it?

The app is completely free and is only available on Android. Download it here. 


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