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First Look: Specialized Tarmac SL6 Pro 2018 road bike

A smattering of Ultegra Di2 8150 and pink decals with Specialized's new Tarmac SL6 Pro

For 2018 Specialized redesigned its flagship race bike, the Tarmac, with a new frame that is lighter, more aero and more comfortable than the previous version. I tested the range-topping S-Works model in £8,500 trim and was very very impressed by its performance, but the price tag put it clearly out of reach for many people. 

So here's the Tarmac SL6 Pro which swaps Dura-Ace for the new Ultegra Di2 8150 groupset but retains the S-Works carbon fibre crankset with Praxis rings, and new Roval CL50 wheels, which use the same rims as the CLX50s but have different hub internals and spokes to keep the price down. It costs £5,450 - yes that's still a lot of money - and weighs 7kg for the size 56cm pictured here. 

I won't go over all the details about the new Tarmac SL6, the sixth generation model since it was first launched many years ago, this article has all the key information about the weight savings, the aero improvements, the wider tyre clearance and improved comfort. 

Here's a gallery of pics of the new SL6 Pro for your pictorial pleasure:

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