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Cycling app of the week: GoPro Quik

Want a quick snapshot of an epic ride from your GoPro? This app takes away the hard work if your editing skills leave a lot to be desired...

What is it?

If you're a GoPro user, the Quik app does what it says on the tin and turns your footage and photos in to a short film. You can then edit it yourself to include snazzy filters, more or less photos and even your own soundtrack to make it more personalised. Using a GoPro with Quik effectively allows you to control the camera with your phone

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The videos are saved to your camera roll in HD 1080p or 720p, and you can instantly share them to Facebook, Instagram and Whatsapp if you feel the need to plaster your ride across social media. 

What makes it unique?

It's probably the quickest and easiest way to make videos from your GoPro, and it literally takes a few clicks. 

gopro 2.png

How can it help me?

If you've got a potentially memorable ride planned and want to make a video without having to fiddle around with editing software, it's a good way to make your footage look a bit classier. The instant Quikstory feature is really useful for sharing very simple videos without having to do any editing yourself - it's a bit like the popular Relive app but with actual real footage.  

Where can I get it?

Quik is available on iOS or Android, and you can also use it on desktop. Of course, you'll need a GoPro Hero5 in order to make use of it. 

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Lazereyes | 6 years ago

This app is a NOPE!


Firstly, the app avaialble to desktop is far less intuitive nad unnecessarily compliacted than it needs to be...


Now for the app itself


It quickly connects to dump files to your phone, making it really easy to look at your files on bigger screen, S7 Edge in my example, which is great on the go, it also boast very funky way of throwing videos together, there's even selection of music clips allowing you to create great little videos on the go, particularly useful during dull airport waiting times and flights themselves, range of editing options is quite impresive for mobile app, and it works suprisingly well, editing large files is quite  snappy.


Problem is the stupid thing wont allow you to dump ANY files onto phone eternal memory card, they cost nothing, so having spare 128GB card for GoPro related things would be blessing but no...

I have to dump and manually move files from my internal storage to SD card EVERY time, once moved to SD Quik App won't reconigse them any longer...


Essentially, you either carry around brand new bare bones phone with you to edit your 4k 60fps footage or struggle with moving files every damn time your camera connects to your phone




alansmurphy | 6 years ago

It's clear they're editing skills aren't great...

tgrx1901 | 6 years ago


"if you're editing skills"  =  "If you are editing skills..."



/end grammar Nazi

Jack Sexty replied to tgrx1901 | 6 years ago
1 like
tgrx1901 wrote:


"if you're editing skills"  =  "If you are editing skills..."



/end grammar Nazi

Fully justified Nazism there, your and you're mix-ups are inexcusable in my book. If I could sack myself I would!

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