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Cycling app of the week: Chain Length Calculator

Haven't guessed what this handy app does yet? Let us explain more just in case...

What is it?
Chain length calculator does nothing more and nothing less than working out what the length of your chain should be, expressed in number of links. You can use cm or inches to input your chainstay length (you should always be able to find this out on your bike manufacturer's website inventory or in the manual it came with), and then add your outer chainring size and number of teeth on your biggest cassette ring and hey presto, it's done. 

What makes it unique?
The simplicity more than anything - although there are plenty of similar calculators you can find on websites with a quick Google, but this saves you a bit of typing once you've got the app and it doesn't really take up any space on your phone.  

Screen Shot 2017-12-13 at 17.05.45.png

How can it help me?
It works out how long your chain needs to be of course! While you can just go by the "big big and add two links" method, this takes out any estimations whatsoever and makes life that little bit easier if you're not confident of getting it spot on.  

Where can I get it?
Unfortunately for iPhone owners this app, which can be downloaded here, is Android-only... but we've found one very similar on the iOS store here. 

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