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Kask launch new Mojito X road and Mojito X Peak 'gravel' helmets

Kask have revamped their popular Mojito lightweight road lid, and also added a peaked version to keep out the grit and rain during gravel rides...

Even if we weren't asking for it in the first place, it seems there is a bike and an array of products to go with it for every type of riding possible nowadays... and that trend may have just 'peaked' with the launch of Kask's Mojito X Peak, a helmet made specifically for gravel riding.

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The new lid is essentially the same as Kask's all new Mojito but with a peak built into the front (which is why it's a gravel helmet apparently), to stop bits of grit, rain and mud from getting in your eyes and also to keep out the glare of the sun. It's available in black, red or white colourways and if you happen to venture off the gravel tracks, you'll be glad to know that the peak is indeed removable. 

MOJITO X_Black Ash Light Blue

The Mojito X minus the peak has the same safety, comfort and ventilating features as its predecessor (read the review here) with some subtle styling updates. It has Kask's Multi In-Moulding impact protection system with a polycarbonate layer over the shell, and for added comfort Kask add their luxurious eco-leather chinstrap. The Mojito X also retains the Up‘n’Down adjustment system with a double pivot design that cradles the back of your head by the straps. The weight is just 220g, and it has 26 vents to keep you cool on the hottest of days.       

Both helmets are available now, with the Mojito X retailing at £119 and the Mojito X Peak costing six quid more at £125. Check out Kask's website for more info. 

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antigee | 5 years ago

can be tricky and get a bit more niche......and edit no idea why 90degs outsmiley

MNgraveur | 5 years ago

This is fantastic. I’ve been carrying two helmets and switching as we go from pavement to gravel and back. 

pwake | 5 years ago

If you're in a gravel race most, actually all, of the grit is flying up off wheels in front; that peak will do sweet FA to prevent that.

Having said that, I do have a Mojito and it's an ace helmet (sans peak).

fenix | 5 years ago

I think I'll probably just wear a cap underneath my normal helmet...

handlebarcam replied to fenix | 5 years ago
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fenix wrote:

I think I'll probably just wear a cap underneath my normal helmet...


leqin | 5 years ago

Amazing - yer telling me that I need a specific helmet to ride on gravel - you'll be telling me I need a specific bike next...

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