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Canyon Grail AL launched - new more affordable gravel bike (and no Hover Bar)

All-new aluminium gravel bike range starting from £1,099 with hydro disc brakes

Canyon has just launched its new Grail AL, an aluminium-framed gravel and adventure bike that follows in the footsteps of the radical carbon fibre Grail with its distinctive Hover Bar, since renamed the Grail Cockpit. Prices start at just £1,099 with Tiagra and hydraulic disc brakes.

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The Grail AL doesn’t feature the Hover Bar… sorry Grail Cockpit. Instead, it’s a more conventional setup most likely aimed at keeping the price down. But the Hov… sorry Grail Cockpit, was clearly too radical for many, leading to lots of questions about maximum tyre clearance on the aluminium Inflite I recently tested.


The launch of the Grail AL, with its regular handlebar and versatile and practical details, and not to mention the £1,099 price, mean it’s a much better choice for those looking for a do-everything road and off-road bike. It’ll be ideal for commuting, touring, Audax, gravel riding, bikepacking, just about everything and anything.

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The range includes five models priced from £1,099 and topping out at £1,349, with Tiagra on the entry-level model and 105 on the most expensive, and hydraulic disc brakes across the range.


There are two women’s bikes and one SRAM Rival 1x option. All bikes feature the high-quality Schwalbe G-One Bite TLE tyres in a 40mm width, just like those found on the Grail CF, so no skimping on the important details.

The frame has been constructed from double-butted 6061 aluminium and features rack and mudguard mounts, fully internal cable routing, an integrated headset and press-fit bottom bracket. There are two regular water bottle mounts and a third under the downtube and there’s ample space in the front triangle, even on the smallest XS size, for a frame pack.

grail close

Into the headset slots the same carbon fibre fork as used on the Grail CF but instead of the Grail Cockpit attached to the steerer tube, there’s a conventional handlebar and stem setup. It’s a new aluminium gravel handlebar developed by Canyon to provide a modest flared drop and comes in several widths right up to 46cm.

“The Grail AL as the little brother of the Grail CF goes its own way.  A honest and simple design with focus on high functionality. The contrast between clear edges and smooth surfaces enhance the precision of this bike. There is a special attention into details resolving into connecting gussets that support the durable character of this gravel bike,” explains Canyon.


We'll be getting one in for a closer look and review soon so stay tuned so you don't miss that, but for now, head over to for a closer look.

David worked on the tech team from 2012-2020. Previously he was editor of and before that staff writer at RCUK. He's a seasoned cyclist of all disciplines, from road to mountain biking, touring to cyclo-cross, he only wishes he had time to ride them all. He's mildly competitive, though he'll never admit it, and is a frequent road racer but is too lazy to do really well. He currently resides in the Cotswolds, and you can now find him over on his own YouTube channel David Arthur - Just Ride Bikes

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matthewn5 | 5 years ago

I had a Canyon with a press fit bottom bracket - an Ultimate AL with BB386. The BB didn't always creak, but when I stood up on the pedals there was always a 'crack' sound... None of my current bikes have a PF BB, and none of my future bikes ever will. It's put me off a lot of otherwise lovely bikes: Canyon, Cannondale, Bianchi, etc etc.

Milkfloat | 5 years ago

It was all going so well until I read press fit bottom bracket.  I’m out.

joules1975 replied to Milkfloat | 5 years ago

Milkfloat wrote:

It was all going so well until I read press fit bottom bracket.  I’m out.

I feel I must defend Press Fit BBs.

If the frame is manufactured to the correct tolerances, then Press Fit is fine. Our shed has three bikes (all Merida's) with press fit, and none have presented any problems, with one now four years old and still on original BB (fitted by me, not at factory).

Same can't be said for my steel Genesis MTB with it's threaded BB - cups moved about to the point of it being visible when pedalling - something I fixed with plumbers tape (shell inner diameter was milled a fraction to large), although probably should have taken it back for replacement under warrenty.

Whether there are issues with a BB or not is often due to manufacturing quality, and not whether threaded or not, it's just that with a threaded BB there is more scope/it's easier to resolve/hide/get around an issue when fitting the BB.

KoenM | 5 years ago
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For next winter (so september 2019) i'm looking in to a new winter roadbike that can double as a gravel/crossbike. For now the Cube Nuroad Race was in my "to buy" bookmarkfolder, but this AL Grail is now up there. The Canyon is cheaper, has better wheels  and better finishing kit but the Cube has mudguards, rack and lights already installed. Got 10 more months to decide, but going to be a hard one xD. 

DoctorFish | 5 years ago
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Finally Canyon you come out with a bike with mudgaurd and rack mounts.  Too late for many of us though who have since bought something else.

David Arthur @d... replied to DoctorFish | 5 years ago
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DoctorFish wrote:

Finally Canyon you come out with a bike with mudgaurd and rack mounts.  Too late for many of us though who have since bought something else.


To be fair to Canyon, the original Inflite cyclocross bike had mudguard eyelets, they even sold a model with mudguards and slick tyres

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