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Tail It Technologies launch bendable bike GPS tracker that fits in your handlebar

The Norwegian tech company have invented a USB-rechargeable GPS tracker that has a battery life of up to 8 weeks, and it can be fitted inside any handlebar type

The Norwegian startup Tail It have launched a GPS bike tracker that fits in your handlebar. It's 100% hidden behind your bar end, can bend so it fits any handlebar shape and weighs just 64g.

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Tail It say: "in 2019 its totally unnecessary to lose the things you care about when a small piece of technology will give you its location within seconds"... and it's definitely among the smarter ideas we've seen when it comes to discreet and simple bike trackers. The low weight makes it a pretty much negligible addition even to a light weight road bike, and the eight week battery life plus USB recharging means you needn't have to think about removing or re-installing it once fitted (you can charge without removing it from your handlebar). The unit is also splashproof to an IP67 rating, and it's bendy so it can fit inside pretty much any size or shape of handlebar. 

tail it battery.PNG

The position of the device is tracked using data collected from three GSM stations to accurately locate it from satellites, and it also has an advanced tool to track it without GPS coverage using base stations and WiFi instead. You track the device with the Tail It app, and with one click you can activate live tracking to help locate your bike if there's an emergency. This updates the GPS every two seconds, so in theory thieves shouldn't get very far with your pride and joy once you've noticed it's missing. 

Tail It Bike is available to pre-order now for $99 for the unit, with an additional subscription required for the tracking of between $4.99 and $5.99 a month depending on how long you sign up for. Find out more on their website here

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