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Well this is a lovely looking bike - custom painted Open WIDE with matching Gramm bikepacking and Ass Savers kit

Special Detour collaboration results in a lovely looking bike thing

Well here’s a lovely looking bike to whet your appetite for gravel riding.  It’s a custom painted Open Wide, the newest carbon gravel bike with bigger tyre clearance that we reviewed recently, with matching Gramm Tourpacking bags and Ass Savers mudguards.


It’s called the Detour concept and the idea came from mudguard maker Ass Savers asking Open, Gramm and Podia to produce kit to match their newly designed Detour mudguard design. The Detour design was inspired by the Torino Nice Rally which Ass Savers founders took part in, and the new mudguard designs are a “tribute to bikepacking and the art of exploring,” explains Staffan Widell, Ass Savers founder


"We are all brands and people that are deeply passionate about what we do and all of us use our own products on a daily basis. They are not developed on the demand of a marketing department but are rather the results of literally thousands of kilometers in the saddle by the founders and the needs discovered while out there, on the bike. To be able to manifest this commitment in a mutual effort around a theme that is so very dear to us is simply... fun,” he adds.

You can read more about the inspiration for this project over on the Ass Savers website.


The new Open Wide frameset has been given a very nice paint job and design involving inverted mountain landscape. The Gramm Tourpacking bags are custom made to perfectly fit the frame in its different sizes and features a bolt-on top tube bag and a brand new handlebar bag.


Clothing brand Podia has stepped up with a new jersey designed to complement the bike, bags and mudguards. The jersey is made in Italy using the lightest and softest materials available.

The frame will be decked out with Shimano’s new GRX in 1x configuration, and rolling on Enve G Series carbon wheels with WTB Trail Boss 27.5x2.4” tyres and Enve finishing kit.


Like it? You can buy all over it, there’ll be 25 bikes with the bags, jersey and mudguards as a complete bundle to buy in this very limited edition collaboration between Open, Ass Savers, Gramm and clothing brand Podia, who’ll make sure you’re looking as sharp as the bike.

You can get your pre-order in at now.

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