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The Hövding "airbag for cyclists" is back: this time with a BOA dial, and its own app...

The Hövding V3 now comes equipped with a BOA adjustment dial, and can call your nearest and dearest in the event of an emergency...

You may have seen versions 1 and 2 of the Hövding 'airbag for cyclists', that claims to offer cyclists head protection that is eight times safer than a traditional helmet; however Version 3 has ramped things up a couple of notches, with BOA technology for quick adjustment, quicker airbag deployment and even an app for a connected experience. crash tests the Hövding 2.0

Clipping around your neck, the Hövding looks like a sort of scarf/neckerchief but when its accelerometer detects a collision, deploys an airbag that blows up around your head to cushion the blow. It's single use, but of course you'd hope to never have to use it.

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 Whereas previous Hövding iterations were made in three sizes, V3 features a BOA dial at the back to obtain your perfect fit, so it's now one-size-fits-all.  This is hidden away behind a zipper when you've dialled it in. 

The other big upgrade is that you can now connect your Hövding to its very own app. This can tell you how much battery charge you have left (that battery life has now been extended to 15 hours), and it can also call emergency contacts in the event of a collision with its ICE (In Case of Emergency) function. Hövding also tracks your movements, speed and distance, and says its data can be used to help their customers and even city councils learn more about the state of the roads and the safest cycling routes in urban areas. 


Hövding 3 is available now on the Hövding website for £249. 

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