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Campagnolo launches “Formula 1 version” of its road wheelsets - the 1,240g Hyperon Ultra

They might not excel in one category alone, but the brand says they are the perfect balance of lightness, handling and reactivity

Hyperon wheels are almost a historical part of Campagnolo's wheelset range, and the brand has now modernised them to excel on ascents, descents and flats. Hence it's no surprise that the new Hyperon Ultra launched today is said to be the “Formula 1 version” of the Italian brand’s wheelsets, and “all about performance” qualities. Despite the light weight, this wheelset is not claiming to be the lightest, but instead, to balance a range of characteristics that are essential for them to be considered one of the best road wheelsets

Indeed, the Campagnolo Hyperon Ultra wheelset has a claimed weight of 1,240g for, and for the tubular version, the scales will tip at 1,160g. Even though these weights are very light, Campagnolo admits that there are lighter wheelsets on the market. The Italian brand also says there are more reactive wheelsets available as well, but claims that a pair that combines the two characteristics, as well as the Hyperon Ultra, would be hard to find. Let’s have a look at how Campagnolo has backed up that claim… 

Hyperon Ultra wheelset - technical details

2023 Campagnolo Hyperon Ultra logo

Campagnolo has identified that a 37mm depth is optimal for rapid and reactive steering, regardless of what way the road is tilting or the wind blowing. Coupled with a 21mm internal width, the Hyperon Ultra should remain stiff and stable in all conditions.

The wheels are constructed with a single joint, monolith carbon construction, which Campagnolo calls the Ultra-Light Carbon (H.U.L.C) technology. Most carbon wheels are made with four pieces of carbon, meaning that reducing the joints to one effectively eliminates multiple weak points.   

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The H.U.L.C process ensures the "optimisation of the wheel profile", balancing the quantity of carbon fibre and proprietary resin for increased stiffness and weight, all of which should enhance performance.

Campagnolo has continued the use of carbon on the spoke holes, where it has orientated the fibres to flow around the spoke hole, rather than being punched through. This seamless integration of the materials protects the spokes from scratches and fatigue - both of which could compromise the safety of the wheel - and aids aerodynamics. 

2023 Campagnolo Hyperon Ultra inside rim

The spokes on the Hyperon Ultra wheels are not laced in the same 3G pattern as on many of Campag's other premium wheels - including the Bora Ultra WTO 45 - but still utilise an asymmetric spoke pattern. There are 21 oval-shaped, ultra-light steel spokes at the front, and 24 at the rear. The lacing is different for the drive and non-drive sides, at the front this means there are 14 spokes on the left-hand side and seven on the right. 

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2023 Campagnolo Hyperon Ultra HeadToBay_ColoredLight-(00418)

The Aero Mo-Mag spoke nipples are tucked away inside the rim (which means you need a special tool to adjust the tension) and, quoting Campagnolo, are attached to the hubs in a rather “peculiar way”, which actually allows them to have micro-movements. This is because the Hyperon Ultra hubs feature the Head-2-Bay spoke tension management system, created to prevent spoke inelastic shearing and to ensure optimal power is transferred to the road. In essence, this means that the round head of the spoke sits in a slightly larger round cup, which should alleviate excessive tension on the spokes in the case of hitting a bump or putting down a lot of power. 

The internals of the wheel hubs hides CULT (ceramic ultimate level technology) bearings, that produce 40 per cent lower friction than standard sealed bearings according to Campagnolo. The freehub body is a lightweight N3W (Next 3 Ways) freewheel body that is compatible with 11-, 12- and 13-speed cassettes with 9-, 10- and 11-tooth smallest sprockets. 

2023 Campagnolo Hyperon Ultra hub

Finally, the glossy look on these wheels is a product of Campagnolo’s C-Lux coating which protects the carbon layup without the need for a lacquer. This should help with the compatibility and installation of tubeless tyres, too. 

The weight limit for the wheelset is 115kg (rider+bike) and they're only available for disc brake bikes. The Campagnolo Hyperon Ultra wheels are available now and retail for 3,650€ / £3,200. You can find out more on Campagnolo's website and we have a set of these in for a test, so keep an eye out for the full review! 

Suvi joined F-At in 2022, first writing for She's since joined the tech hub, and contributes to all of the sites covering tech news, features, reviews and women's cycling content. Lover of long-distance cycling, Suvi is easily convinced to join any rides and events that cover over 100km, and ideally, plenty of cake and coffee stops. 

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rct | 1 year ago

So, by the time you add rotors the system weight is heavier than the old rim brake version.

OnYerBike replied to rct | 1 year ago

The old rim brake version was very shallow, wasn't it? I know it's just marketing copy, but Campagnolo are certainly suggesting that rather than being as light as possible, these wheels offer more rounded performance (i.e. also considering stiffness and aerodymanics). 

Also, when the rotor wears out on a disc brake bike, you can buy a new rotor for <£50. When the rim wears out on a rim brake bike...

wtjs replied to OnYerBike | 1 year ago

When the rim wears out on a rim brake bike...

You missed out the bit where the brakes actually work in the wet

jaysa replied to wtjs | 1 year ago

Have been running a set of carbon rim brake wheels with Swiss stop pads for 6 years. There is no rim wear yet and they stop fine in the wet ...

ErnieC replied to jaysa | 1 year ago

What wheels are you using?

Glov Zaroff replied to jaysa | 1 year ago

jaysa wrote:

Have been running a set of carbon rim brake wheels with Swiss stop pads for 6 years. There is no rim wear yet and they stop fine in the wet ...

My Bora Ultra 35 tubs are going on 5 years now. Matched with Campagnolo red pads and they're astonishingly good in all weathers - the sensitivity is just as good as my Campagnolo and SRAM equiped disc brake bikes (if not better). Biblical rain off the back of the Colombier - no bother at all. The rims show very little wear - they'll do me for years more. 

IanEdward replied to OnYerBike | 1 year ago

Genuine question, is anyone fitting £3,200 wheels to a bike that ever sees rain? 😂

Jimmy Ray Will replied to IanEdward | 1 year ago

Another genuine question... do people really fit £3,200 wheels to a bike?

How can they possibly provide £2k's extra performance over a set of say Hunt wheels? 

TheBillder replied to OnYerBike | 1 year ago
OnYerBike wrote:

...these wheels offer more rounded performance

Ooh, I see what you did there.

Welsh boy replied to rct | 1 year ago

And by the time you put tyres on they are heavier again. If you put lighter tyres on then they a bit lighter. What is your point?

rct replied to Welsh boy | 1 year ago
1 like

You need the rtor to stop.  Both sets of wheels need tyres.  I fail to see your point.


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