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CeramicSpeed adds lifetime warranty to Solid Lubrication Technology bearings

Maintenance free, self-lubricating and corrosion resistant bearings from CeramicSpeed now claimed to have massive longevity

CeramicSpeed’s Solid Lubrication Technology (SLT) bearings for headsets and rear suspension pivots are claimed to offer very high levels of durability, and now the brand is backing all its SLT Bearings with a lifetime warranty.

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CeramicSpeed says SLT is “the secret ingredient behind our toughest bearings to date”. Featuring an oil-encapsulated solid plastic polymer and stainless-steel materials, these bearings are designed to be self-lubricating, corrosion-resistant and maintenance-free – this could help solve issues with painful headset replacements on frames with internally routed cables and hoses according to CeramicSpeed. 

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The solid polymer of its SLT Bearings, according to CeramicSpeed, remedies two of the most common causes behind bearing failure, those being the absence of lubrication and grease contamination through dirt ingress.

“The micropores in the otherwise solid polymer evenly distribute just enough oil to keep the bearing well-lubricated, while also containing sufficient oil for it to be self-lubricating over the lifespan of the bearing – even when ridden in the harshest of conditions,” explains CeramicSpeed.                              

The Danish brand conducted in-house testing and found: “After 200,000 cycles the ‘market leader bearing’ began showing visible signs of deterioration, and after 600.000 cycles the bearing was clearly worn-out. Actually a respectable performance, but in comparison, our OPD SLT Bearing ran well over 1,800,000 cycles without failure or any critical visible wear.

“In the lab and out on the trails we’ve done our very best to push these bearings to failure, but our efforts have ultimately been unsuccessful.”

CeramicSpeed SLT testing

CeramicSpeed has partnered with bike manufacturers including Factor Bikes to spec SLT headset bearings as standard on some models. 

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"With the advent of internal cable routing on road bikes, the demands on the longevity of headsets have become critical. After thoroughly testing CeramicSpeed SLT Headsets under the most demanding of conditions, and validating at the World Tour, we were convinced that these headsets should be included on Factor bikes", commented Rob Gitelis, the owner of Factor Bikes.          

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watlina | 2 years ago

So nothing ceramic about them at all. 

Nothing new about MPL here's an article from 2002

What they could do with is improving the longevity of their ceramic bearings. The one's in my S-WORKS BB only lasted a couple of years (replaced with steel because of the bonkers replacement cost and I really can't tell the difference). 

Sriracha replied to watlina | 2 years ago
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True (not ceramic), but really, so what? OK, it makes a nonsense of the brand name. But a lifetime headset bearing still seems like an interesting product, and whilst the tech may not strictly be new I don't recall seeing other similar headsets. In a headset I'd think that long life and no maintenance trumps ultra-low friction.

janusz0 replied to watlina | 2 years ago
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...and nothing solid about the lubricant in the micoroporous polymer!

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