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Coros launches £249 Dura cycle computer claiming "groundbreaking battery life" in attempt to shake up the market

Will this solar-powered GPS bike computer outshine Wahoo and Garmin with its "flawless operation" and a claimed 120 hours of battery life on a single charge? Here are our first impressions

Known for its GPS sport watches, California-based Coros has now added a solar GPS bike computer to its lineup. Claiming to offer "groundbreaking battery life" and "crystal clear visibility", here are the full details and our initial impressions of the Coros Dura. 

2024 Coros Dura bike computer 3

Coros, known for starting with smartwatches, has now expanded its range to include a bike computer designed to be "the ultimate cycling adventure and training companion." The brand claims to have brought the same winning formula from its GPS sportswatches to the Coros Dura, including a long battery life and an easy-to-use interface. 

"From seemingly endless battery life, to using Google Maps for navigation, to lightning fast upload speeds, and much more - the innovation packed into this head unit is unrivalled in the GPS computer market", says Coros. 

2024 Coros Dura bike computer 4

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The Coros Dura features a 2.7 inch colour touch screen with Bluetooth and ANT+ connectivity, as well as additional safety features including a bike alarm and crash detection. 

Like other Coros devices, the Dura integrates with mapping and analysis tools such as Komoot, Strava, Training Peaks and Ride with GPS. Notably, the Dura also includes a smart re-route feature using Google Maps.

Battery life 

The Coros Dura is a solar GPS bike computer that claims to support up to 120 hours of battery life with full GPS on a single charge. Its solar panels can add up to two hours of additional ride time for every hour of direct sunlight exposure during a ride.

Pricing and availability 

2024 Coros Dura bike computer 6

The Coros Dura is available to order now for £249 and comes with an out-front handlebar mount. 

Additionally, the Coros Dura allows you to access the Coros App and Coros Training Hub on desktop for free, providing a training platform designed to enhance fitness insights.

First impressions

A full review of the Coros Dura will be coming in a few weeks but we have had the chance to unbox the new computer and have a quick play ahead of its launch.

Most people's initial impression of the Dura will likely be the same: it's a large device, which is unsurprising given it needs to accommodate a battery with a claimed runtime of 120 hours. Its thickness is comparable to the Garmin 1040 Solar and it has a footprint similar to the Hammerhead Karoo 2.

2024 Coros Dura bike computer 5

The solar panel is the largest I've seen on a bike computer, significantly bigger than the one on the Garmin 1040 Solar. The tradeoff is screen size; while the screen is larger than that of a Wahoo Bolt and sufficient for displaying key metrics, it falls short compared to other computers with a similar footprint. Although we haven't fully tested the device's battery life,  the battery only drained a few percent when used for most of a working day. It certainly has the potential to be class-leading. 

The next differentiator between this and competitor devices is the rolling knob on the side. Coros calls this the "crown" which has likely been influenced by the brand's watches. In use it feels high quality and allows for easy navigation of the settings and pages but the real test will be if it's still as usable when bouncing down a gravel track.

2024 Coros Dura bike computer 2

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The colour display is clear and precise and we were pleasantly surprised with how user-friendly and bug-free both the computer and the companion app are.

Jamie our video guy said, "The likes of Wahoo and Garmin have had years to fine-tune their app integration and user interface and this feels every bit as well put together, in fact, dare I say easier to navigate. The device connected to my phone and the app with no issues and the app functionality is also impressive with route creation and navigation, data tracking and training tools to unpack further in the full review". 

Even with only a quick play, it's clear that the Dura won't be for everyone. Think of it as a specialist tool. Coros themselves stated that they "didn't want to develop a new head unit without creating something different" - and different it is. Our initial impressions are positive!

Keep your eye out on the website for our full review where we decide whether this really is "the ultimate cycling adventure and training companion."

Emily is our track and road racing specialist, having represented Great Britain at the World and European Track Championships. With a National Title up her sleeve, Emily has just completed her Master’s in Sports Psychology at Loughborough University where she raced for Elite Development Team, Loughborough Lightning.

Emily is our go-to for all things training and when not riding or racing bikes, you can find her online shopping or booking flights…the rest of the office is now considering painting their nails to see if that’s the secret to going fast…

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check12 | 1 month ago

dc rainmaker video basically saying this is a beta product as is and his estimate is spring 2025 for it to be ready for paying customers to use this 

Shermo | 1 month ago
1 like

Navigation by Google maps? No thanks it gives terrible routes for cycling!

Not really sold on the battery life, I have a 1040 and unless I was doing multi day rides without seeing civilization I cannot see the need for more battery life TBH.

joules1975 | 1 month ago

For those eager to know whether this will really challenge Garmin etc., go check out GP Lama on youtube. All I'll say is .... mmm, oh dear.

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