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Decathlon launching Second Life site to sell refurbished bikes as part of environmental drive

Each bike is refurbished by a mechanic before being assigned a price that's based on a four-level rating process

Decathlon has launched a new website for UK customers that allows them to purchase certified refurbished bikes with a discount of up to 40%. Decathlon says that it “hopes to save 40,000kg of CO2 in 12 months” while also making bikes available at more affordable price points.

Decathlon launch three new Van Rysel bikes with disc brakes

The Second Life products will be available online and in-store, with a soft launch focusing on refurbished bikes, fitness equipment, weights, tents, scooters, kayaks and SUPs (stand up paddleboards). As the project develops, Decathlon says that it aims to introduce other sports hardware, clothing and textiles in the near future.

For many, the fear of buying a used bike is that it is in some way unsafe, be that due to worn parts or simply poor maintenance. Decathlon says that each bike sold through the Second Life scheme will be subjected to a rigorous condition rating process before being assigned a grade from A to D.

The rating process and subsequent grading mean that Decathlon is able to offer the same warranties and guarantees as their brand new products, a move that the brand hopes will give customers more confidence when buying second hand.

The grading system will also be used to assign a price to each product. Grade A products, those with very light marks, will be available 10% cheaper than if the product was new. The discount level then increases in 10% increments until you reach Grade D products, where replacement parts might have been required, and a 40% discount.

Nick Connell, the project leader of the Decathlon Second Life project in the UK said, “The team are really proud to be launching Second Life in 2021. Following a tough year for the retail sector, but especially the individual and our customers, we’re very excited.

“Our planet is worth protecting and we all need to accelerate in taking action to reduce our environmental impact. As a business with big production demands, we have to act now. By recycling, repairing and reusing products we’re adding another key action to our wider sustainability project.

“At the same time, we need to fulfil our company purpose to provide everyone in the UK with access to happier and healthier lifestyles, whether that be physically or financially. Therefore Second Life will benefit both our planet and our customers' pockets.”

Eric Mazillier, CEO of Decathlon UK said, “At Decathlon UK, we strongly believe in our responsibility to help the British population get physically active and healthy through sport. We also believe in our responsibility to protect our playground… our planet."

"Decathlon’s Second Life project is a proud moment for Decathlon UK legacy. It is a new affordable option for the population to access sports equipment without any compromise on quality or safety.

"It is also an important first step in the changing approach to our business model; we are assessing what it really means to create value in society and our local communities."

The URL for the website is live now, although it's currently down for maintenance and won't be fully functional until the 23rd of March.

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Randall_Memphis | 3 years ago

Quite disappointing that those refurbished bikes are more expensive then when they were new (ie. RC520 was new for £729, refurb is for £765).

huntswheelers | 3 years ago
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It's a thing I've been doing for a few years on a small scale.... We've an adult learning centre for adults with special needs who do this on a sizeable scale, but sadly some of the bikes are not really safe ( only one mechanic there as council run and little budget) and I've put loads of them right....I also refurb/recommission bikes from sheds....and the £50 voucher hasn't affected my business ( I am not in the scheme as I don't need the hassle or business) as 90% of my work is enthusiast as well cargo/Dutch/hand bike/ recumbent... Great initiative if it works

paulrattew | 3 years ago

While it is great to see a big retailer doing this, lots of small independent bike shops have the refurbishing of used bikes as a mainstay of their trade, so it's not a new concept. To be commended certainly, but it would be great if more people could give some love to their local bike shops who do similar. 

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