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DT Swiss reveal behind-the-scenes footage of aero ARC wheelset in development

New documentary sheds light on how the ARC wheels were re-engineered – and offers you a chance to win a pair

DT Swiss has just released a documentary with a behind-the-scenes look at the development of its aero ARC wheelset and the extensive re-engineering that took place.

2021 DT Swiss Arc documentary 4

The brand launched the second generation of its ARC wheels in August 2020, as part of its Reborn Faster campaign. The redesigned Dicut 1100 and 1400 wheelsets feature 50mm, 62mm and 80mm rim depths and, as we reported when it was unveiled, DT Swiss claim “compared to competitors, drag in both frontal and lateral airflow is lower at all rim heights.”

2021 DT Swiss Arc documentary 5

The documentary takes you through the different stages DT Swiss undertook to develop the ARC aero wheels.

2021 DT Swiss Arc documentary 6

“To best understand the extensive reengineering of the ARC wheels and to live up to the reputation of the campaign name Reborn Faster, the documentary gives an insight into the development of our new aero wheel–the main protagonists,” DT Swiss says.

2021 DT Swiss Arc documentary 2

This starts with aerodynamic testing in the GST wind tunnel in Immenstaad, Germany. Then the cameras head over to DT Swiss' headquarters in Switzerland to provide an insight into prototype production, before finishing at the Performance Test Centre.

2021 DT Swiss Arc documentary 3

Specialists from engineering, testing and marketing together share the process of redeveloping the ARC wheels.

“The human protagonists of the documentary who had been involved in the making of these aero wheels describe the complete technical and marketing process from scratch to the final product launch after many years of intensive work,” DT Swiss says.

Alongside the launch of the documentary on YouTube, DT Swiss is running a contest to win its ARC 1400 Dicut 62 wheelset, from February 11 to 18 2021, with the winner announced on February 19.

2021 DT Swiss Arc 1400 Dicut 62 wheelset

To enter the competition, you must subscribe to the DT Swiss YouTube channel and hit 'like' on the documentary. Then you need to answer the question, “what are you most excited about when riding the ARC 1400 Dicut if you win it?” in the comment section on YouTube.

Would you be interested in watching more behind-the-scenes documentaries from tech brands? Let us know in the comments below…

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