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Fit That Bike offers online bike fit subscriptions for your whole family or whole bike collection

Detailed video and written instructions on how to set up your bike to match your determined position are provided

A new entry level bike fitting virtual service has been launched to provide riders with a bespoke bike set up based on four biomechanical measurements, the type of bike and riding style. Fit That Bike completes the whole process online, and you can pick subscriptions for one, three or five rider and bike type combinations.

A bike fit can help you stay comfortable and injury-free when riding, also perhaps improving efficiency and handling, and now Fit That Bike hopes to make this service more accessible by being available completely online and at a more affordable price point than going for a physical fitting. 

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“We provide you with an optimum saddle height for both flat and clipless pedals, along with bespoke values for the reach and drop for your bike,” says Fit That Bike.

“You have the ability to choose from three options, aggressive, neutral or relaxed, to make sure you are getting the fit that is optimised around you.”

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Fit That Bike says it’ll provide you with detailed video and written instructions on how to set up your bike to match your determined position, along with other tips on how to fine tune your fit to your personal preferences.

As well as its standalone subscription for fitting one rider to one chosen bike for £29.99, Fit That Bike has multiple subscription packages priced at £64.99 for three rider/bike combinations and £79.99 for five, to cater for riders with more than one bike type and for families.

Fit That Bike is not the only company to provide a quick and affordable fitting service from your own home. Tech startup MyVeloFit launched earlier this year, claiming to be “the world’s first AI powered online bike fit”, and at £25 it’s cheaper than Fit That Bike’s offering. The video-based motion capture bike fit service uses proprietary “motion tracking and human pose estimation” to assess cyclists’ mobility and bike position, with just a few videos recorded on and off the bike, to help cyclists uncover actionable insights. 

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The Gavalier | 2 years ago
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What an absolute crock of shit. Why does everything have to be a subscription service?

fizrar6 replied to The Gavalier | 2 years ago

Too right. Must have more money than sense to sign up for that.

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